*buys case of Listerine*

By Sick Guy - 24/03/2018 20:30 - United States - Boynton Beach

Today, I wasn't feeling well at work. While I was in the bathroom losing my lunch, a very large piece of food came up. The resulting splash of toilet water went straight up into my mouth. FML
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I dub thee, Sir Pottymouth!

Honestly, this made me gag reading it. Hopefully it made younfeel better after.


I dub thee, Sir Pottymouth!

What came out was worse than what came back in. Unless someone else’s poo was in there — that would be worse!

You are supposed to wash your mouth out with soap, not toilet water.

Honestly, this made me gag reading it. Hopefully it made younfeel better after.

As long as the toilet water was clean, you have nothing to worry about. Just brush your teeth extra well today.

That's the funny thing about toilet water. It's never truly clean. Largely because people piss and shit in it.

Evidently I meant clean of piss or shit. As in, recently flushed. I also mentioned to brush OP's teeth extra well in case of remnants in the toilet since it is, obviously, a toilet. I figured the other commenters on here would have the intelligence level to deduce the meaning behind my statement.

so this is why my parents told me not inhale my food.

Toilet water is the same water you can drink from the tap, that's one less thing to worry about. As for how clean was the bowl before this happened, that's a whole different matter.

Just to know, do you swallow your food whole?

You need to chew your food better if there's such large pieces...

Hmmm... did you not chew it completely? Yuck, that's a lousy situation, though. Hope you feel better.