By ADickySituation - United States - Wilmette
Today, my dumbass colleague was too lazy to go buy balloons for a party in recognition of our company's huge merger. Instead, he made condom balloons. Let's just say you don't make blow up condoms for a prestigious company event. A company whose CEO is named Dick. FML
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  Supganosh  |  2

"Or even 'f' (fuck) your colleague's life."
And the last sentence is fine. 'Tis a sad day when the people correcting other people don't even seem to understand english.

  Fluffydemise  |  18

I think English or American people who correct people's grammar are quite sad little individuals.

...I'm not sure how to categorise a non native English speaker correcting peoples use of the language.

Hint: it's not good.

  amDes  |  11

I like how you're getting upset when people started correcting you after you started it by correcting someone else. How quickly the shoe goes on the other foot.