By anon - 05/12/2014 15:44 - United States - Georgetown

Today, my work department set a new sales record, something not done in nearly 30 years. It's corporate policy to give a bonus to each worker responsible as a reward. Our manager decided our "bonuses" would be plastic medals from Dollar Tree. He didn't even buy enough for everybody. FML
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Jellysweetheart 23

Then you should report him. He didn't do what his job requires him to do.

Your boss sounds like a real-life Mr Krabs.


Jellysweetheart 23

Then you should report him. He didn't do what his job requires him to do.

Chances are it'll backfire, also it depends on the rules and regulations of the specific job and state.

Given it's Texas, there's a pretty good chance it will backfire. I have nothing against people from texas, but let's face it, the laws there don't even try to pretend that they protect the workers.

ChristianH39 30

It's not a matter of law, it's a matter of company policy. OP would have to see how the company defines a bonus to decide if it's worth pursuing.

Take a picture of the people with the plastic pos and send it to the corp. office thanking them.

That would be awesome! I bet the manager is enjoying everyone's bonus. Smh

RA91 26

It sucks when managers are cheap and cut corners :/ sorry op.

JadeWinter 16

What a selfish, money hungry prick!

Your boss sounds like a real-life Mr Krabs.

shaww 28

No mr krabs would make you pay him

He wouldn't buy plastic medals. Too expensive. Mr. Krabs would make his employees medals out of string and bottle caps.

Mr.Krabbs would probably give them a brochure of a place they cant go to.

If it's corporate policy, I don't think he's allowed to do that.

Cheap bastard just quit you aren't going anywhere there

She can get a raise if he gets fired though.Wouldn't that be worth it in the long run.

Dang OP i'm so sorry he can't get away this.

I'm sure that funds have been allocated for this situation, and if it's corporate policy for you to receive bonuses, your manager is obligated to provide those bonuses.

Yea well I'm sure karma will catch up to him later when no one wants to put in the extra effort. He doesn't know much about human psychology apparently

RedPillSucks 31

dont wait for karma. fire off a note to upper management or HR.