By bumpinthenight


Today, I was painting my new house when my neighbor introduced himself. Mid-conversation, he said, "The lady who lived here was nice, but just couldn't get over her husband hanging himself in the garage. Or her son shooting himself in the basement." I'll never sleep again. FML
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

The lady was "nice?" She drove her child and husband to suicide!

Either she's pure evil or the house is cursed. You might need an extra coat in the basement to cover the spatter.

  LackyLacy  |  5

Not in every state. I know in Montana you're not legally inclined to disclose that information.

By  sarianna  |  10

Do you not google the address of a place before you buy it? If only to compare listing details on various sites and learn about the neighborhood? Hell, I was looking at a condo and when I searched the address, found that in another unit a woman had drowned her children and shot herself about ten years earlier. It's awful, but if it's something you care about, this stuff is often in the news, and the internet doesn't forget.