By killmenow - 23/04/2014 14:54 - United States - New Orleans

Today, I locked myself out of my dorm room. I walked across campus, shoe-less and in nothing but my bathrobe, to find someone who could let me back in. Turns out I hadn't even shut the door properly and so it never actually locked. I can still hear the guy laughing at me. FML
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Why was OP in a bathrobe and shoeless outside to begin with...

JuliaaNoelle 26

#61, I'm guessing she had just gotten out of the shower or something since she lives in a dorm room.

But why did she go outside like that is what she wants to know

in many if not most dorms bathrooms are public, accessed via hallways outside of your actual room.

Ambrily 27

No, this has never happened to me. Take this "adventure" as a teaching for the future, OP.

I believe he is right. It happens to everyone who has lived in a dorm. I need a key to enter the building, key to enter my suite, and a key to enter my bedroom. if any door closes and you forgot your key, you're out of luck!

everyone who down votes this has never been to college in this century. the keys to my dorm are like credit cards. half the time mine didnt even work.. I was locked out often. #swerve

Everyone has those days, OP. You'll look back and laugh in a few years.

At least she still had something covering her body..

Kevlar_burrito 6

how does this get up votes but the reply saying neatly the same thing gets down people all have Alzheimer's and ADD

At least you weren't naked and "locked" out, OP

Maybe it's just me, but I'll guess that OP is coming from a shower/bathroom and that she doesn't have one in her dorm (like suite dorms do). Am I the only one who would wear shoes to the shower, like flip flops? Maybe I'm just anal about foot germs and stuff though, so if so, I get the down votes

Stuff like that happens to me allll the time haha just laugh it off, but I completely feel your pain !

SemiAuto 21

Just be glad you didn't actually lock yourself out.

ladypunk 8

I mean, he might as well have. It sounds like he only got inside after he found somebody who would open the door for him.

#6 exactly how does that make things better? Everyone has locked themselves out of either their house or car at some point. It happens. The fact that the door was actually unlocked the whole time is what makes this so embarrassing.

I'm surprised you didn't even at least check, though.

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ikr. if the door could open, how did op not know? unless op didnt even try to and just assumed

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Maybe she only tried turning the knob, not pushing the door, so she didn't know that it wasn't closed properly... (though that's pretty hard to do, so I'm guessing that she was just being lazy, and saw that it looked closed, and assumed it was) Whenever I lock myself out, I always push hard against the door in frustration, then attempt to break in, so I'd never have her particular problem... but that's just because I hate telling people I got locked out AGAIN, and I usually make sure to at least have a credit card on me when I leave...just in case. ;)

That is truly FML. Don't worry though it will be forgotten quickly by everyone but you.

dimerneckel 22

That sucks. On my campus there are people in the building that can let you back into your room if you accidentally get locked out.

Well at least the guy had a good day ;)