By ItWasHotAsBalls - 22/12/2016 00:56

Today, my mom was out of the house, so I decided to make her a gift. I went into the garage for supplies and somehow ended up locking myself in for the next 2 hours. Not only that, but I cut my hand with the rusty paperclip I used to try to pick the lock. FML
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You couldn't open the big garage door?

usnwife 18

Well, it may not have done any good to open the garage door, if the other doors were locked too they still couldn't have gotten in the house...


And this is why most of us cop out and buy gift cards.

cootiequeen4444 11

Yes. I like giftcards or even more so straight up cash so I can buy what I want. It's the thought that counts for Christmas obviously never got either a joke gift that was in bad taste like a sex toy for the wrong sex while your single in order to "get you a man" (how would that work in a way I'd get someone not totally creepy/nympho) or a singing fish 8 yeaes after the fad because your "stuck on the past" and then are like "why are you bitter it was just a joke and at least I wasn't a gift card after I gave them like a 50 dollar gift card to one of their fave stores or restaurants.. . also prolly never got clothes that were so ugly even your closet rejected them and they'd be in the guess room closet for years til you remembered them. Mind you, I love the thought of clothes for Christmas, but I prefer giftcard cause (1) don't wanna cramp my style B) and (2) shopping for the clothes is half the fun! Other types of giftcards are fine too. Even the most "not me" places have something I'd be okay with. I mean places like Omaha Steaks sell side dishes for a reason. Never know when someone might find out someone is vegetarian/vegan in this awkward way... Thus, people should never feel guilty for copping out (though this may depend of how much is on the gift card... not much you can do with 5 dollars and a junk joke gift would actually cost more even, ruining part of my point about why giftcards can be more thoughtful at least.

17, it's a joke. No need to go so far with it.

I totally disagree. I would much rather prefer a gift made or thought of. Whats the fun in exchanging money... here i give u a giftcard for 20 dollars and i get one in return?! yeah fun :s

Cow_Girl_Lilly 24

Kudos to making your mom a gift! But maybe you should practice learning how to pick a lock and then make your mom's gift.

Once you know how to pick locks, making gifts becomes obsolete. At that point, you can take all the free gifts you want!

mcaisse77 17

Looks like you're getting tetanus for Christmas

This is why I always have my keys in my pocket till I get ready for bed

Couldn't you have opened the garage door?

I believe he meant he was stuck outside of the house because the rest of it was locked up too. I'm sure he wasn't inside the garage the whole time

usnwife 18

Well, it may not have done any good to open the garage door, if the other doors were locked too they still couldn't have gotten in the house...

some of the door knobs at my house you can lock it so nobody can come in but you can go out. I can go out to my backyard but I can not re-enter the house unless someone unlocks the door or opens it for me.

cootiequeen4444 11

It depends if OP has neighbors or not regarding if it would not do much better opening the garage door or not (which has to be possible. even electronic ones which use the trigger trinket you store in your car, there is a manual override inside the garage.. iirc). As I am pretty sure OP'S neighbors would have a phone OP could borrow to call for help... but I somehow people would rather sit in a garage rather than having to talk to their just to avoid any awkwardness/discomfort. In either case, unless OP'S house has no neighbors for miles, I can't see this FML as anything else but a YDI.. though I do sympathize with perhaps wanting to avoid awkwardness as I'm not the best at being social myself... but it would beat panicking about being locked in a garage... I guess there is also a chance that OP'S garage was changed into a storage room and the garage door was replaced with a wall and they just call it the garage because that is what it /was/. Just a thought to add. I'd definitely be way more sympathetic then!

OP may have not been able to get inside the house by opening the garage door, but considering OP's username is "ItWasHotAsBalls", opening the garage door would have helped with keeping cool.

species4872 19

What were/are you making for your mum.

Juls464 10

When I was little my sister would lock me in our sun room where its burning up in the summertime

Where are you that its so warm on december 21st?

Ugh.. Let me guess, you're in North America, right? People that have no concept of a world outside your own country besides the ones you invade and blow up.

I live in Australia and it's currently 88 degrees Fahrenheit in my city. Christmas is warm!

Couldn't get yourself out of the garage? Maybe DIY isn't your thing.