By sumhub94 - 14/05/2013 16:48 - United States

Today, I was babysitting a 4-year-old, and we decided to play a game of hide and seek. Before he started to count, he looked me in the eyes and said that if I hid in his spot, he'd murder me with a knife when he grows up. I have to babysit this kid for the rest of the summer. FML
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sammyjanette 17

I would tell his parents. It may cost you the job, but it is obvious that this kid needs psychological help.


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36 - Or Dale? "If you touch my drum set, I will stab you, in the neck, with a knife."

SwaggCapone 11

I'd lock that kid in the closet and leave

Well the best thing OP should do is just stand behind the kid smiling, with a big knife in hand, and wait till he finished counting and turned around... Scare the **** out of him >:-)

RedPillSucks 31

No. Kids say the damnedest mother ******* **** sucking thing. Now give me some titty, mommy.

perdix 29

#2, if "darnedest" is a synonym for "homicidal."

19, you really tried to force that joke way to hard, you took it too far and it wasn't funny either.

Allennis44 16

You sure as hell better not get spotted then.

sammyjanette 17

I would tell his parents. It may cost you the job, but it is obvious that this kid needs psychological help.

It's defiantly not normal for a 4 year old to say that

Kids say all sorts of things, mostly that they hear from other people or something like a movie.

nope, it isn't. kids say a lot of stuff and often don't even mean what they say. unless this little guy actually demonstrates deviant behavior, there's probably nothing to worry about,

#12, seriously? "defiantly"? why? pronunciation of the word "definitely" is clearly different...

This is a situation, were if the parents jist brush it off, I'd call someone like cps. He obviously heard/learned that from somewhere, I bet you the parents would blame tv instead of themselves.

Doubt they haven't noticed their kid is a serial killer

I would taken him by the ear and sit him down in time out and let him know he can't say things like that. I babysat a kid for 8 years and anything that starts quick can end quick with the right discipline. Never let them see fear in your eyes. They have to learn what is appropriate and what isn't for their age.

You cannot grab someone else's kid by the ear....that's wrong

If they are paying me to babysit then it also gives me the power to discipline when the kid is bad and to teach them how to grow up as a decent human. I'm not there to get yelled at, beat up, or verbally abused by a child. It takes a village to raise kids and letting them walk all over adults is not the way I would want my kids to be brought up. Sorry if you don't agree and let children threaten to stab you and just sit there and not teach them right from wrong, but I would never.

bamagrl410 31

Agreed. I wasn't allowed to disrespect ANY adults as a child, and I wouldn't let my child do so either. When you leave them in someone else's care, that person should be respected just as much. It's perfectly fine for a babysitter to teach a child proper behavior. Lack of discipline is why there are so many bratty & spoiled children these days.

JadeWinter 16

Actually, considering he's 4 and has no idea of the implications of his words it's not that shocking. It's creepy, but all you have to do is tell the child that it's wrong (because he doesn't know it's wrong yet) to say things like that to people.

That's really disturbing dialogue from a 4-year-old even if he doesn't mean it! I would mention it to the parents; he could be watching inappropriate television or for all you know he IS in therapy. If my 4-year-old said something of that nature I would be HUGELY concerned.

I *beep* hate when people use the tired old excuse 'his just a kid and doesn't know any better!' *grunts* that may be true, but if you don't discipline or tell him that its wrong he will never know! if it was up to me I would firmly but delicately tell him that you never speak to an adult like that under any circumstances, and if he continues to do this, call his parents ask permission to spank him. but that's just me. good luck op

perdix 29

Let him find you easily on this turn and when you are "it," let him hide and don't look for him for three months. You get paid without getting cut.

flockz 19

and then what? what's the next step in the plan? remember now, you can't hide. that could end badly.

Then running seems like they're beat bet. Just don't be around when this kid blossoms into a psychopath.

I would definitely bring that up to his parents, no child should speak like that.

rg350dx 29

It's the "violet video games" kids are playing nowadays. TV and video games are an easy scapegoat for poor parenting.

theres a big difference between violets and violence one is a nice smelling flower and the other one is a form of depraved behavior people inflict on each other because their intelligence matches a two month old

He is probably just kidding, kids say strange things.

Kids say the darnest things! Haha... ha... ha... except this one's scary... D:

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There's nothing like a little trash talk in a competitive match of hide-and-seek...