By Anonymous - United States - San Francisco

High times

Today, I had to give a joint presentation at college. My partner was so high, she couldn't even pronounce her own name properly in her introduction. I'm pretty sure her antics are going to get us both failed hard. FML
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I feel like if she had smoked weed, she would have still been able to present, and speak normally. Sounds like either opiates or barbiturate causing her to slur words and act out of it.

  JustinJK  |  21

she might have anxiety about presenting in front of people. if it's a large class she might have taken something to alleviate her nervousness, but overdone it.

By  kayayye  |  22

You should really talk to the teacher about it and try and get your grade changed. She sounds like a dumb bitch tbh and her getting high before a presentation shouldn't effect your grade.

  trice16  |  10

I'll never understand how people can pay for college and then do stuff like this while there. It's like throwing your tuition money down a drain.

  tarlax  |  11

You mean the attitude OP has about being screwed over, an attitude that came after the fact? Your comment makes zero sense, and you sound like a butthurt pothead.