By Mrs.Slyfox - 28/06/2011 09:53 - Canada

Today, my boyfriend informed me that he'd resolved all the issues with his ex and is getting back together with her. Normally I could tolerate this if it weren't for the fact that I just moved to a different country to live with him, and turned down a university and a scholarship. FML
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KingGeorgeGal 12

You shouldn't put a boy in front of your life and ambitions.

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resolve all issues with your turned down scholarship.


enonymous 8

And why have I not received a postcard from you yet?

Why would you tolerate your boyfriend going behind your back and mending things with his ex? Especially seeing as you would be under the impression that you guys were serious considering the move.

ill probably get thumbed down for not commenting on the fml but how do i get profile pic? in ipod and i changed it but ots blank

google my freind. and no worries enon. I will send you chimpanzee postcards like the barenaked ladies (it's a band you weirdos)

KingGeorgeGal 12

I think you have to do it on the computer, I am on my iPod now and I can't change mine & I don't understand why she would normally tolerate that.

31, click more on the part of the app that opens first, then my account, then change picture then album, make sure you actually tap on a pic before you exit.

how could you tolerate that anyway?!

What's with all these 'today, my boyfriend..' FMLs?

Today, I commented on #1 so everyone could see my comment. How annoying.

i almost down thumbed 1 for spelling anonymous as "enonymous." Funny though. OP- damn that sucks ass. but don't move around the world and away from free education for a guy.

i almost down thumbed 1 for spelling anonymous as "enonymous." Funny though. OP- damn that sucks ass. but don't move around the world and away from free education for a guy.

Trupe 3

To tell you the truth, what you did was stupid. I mean I'm sure you loved him and all, but why would you give up a scholarship and your whole life for something that isn't even a sure thing? And especially if he's been working things out with his ex....did you not know about that?

Kenik 6

The name is Mrs. Slyfox... If anyone knows Minecraft "Slyfox" is a youtuber... That's really weird to me?

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does it smell like kafilta fish

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yeah dumb move for not taking the scholarship.

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all you people saying 'how did you not know?!' well...... they lived in different countries and I'm sure he didn't say 'btw, I've been chatting with my ex and we are getting on really well! :D ' dipshits

a_nutritionist 10

not everyone prioritises school over personal happiness...maybe they were quite happy working a basic job for an extra 12 months if theyre going to be in a relationship. why does the focus have to be on school rather than personal happiness? i guess the current trend is work>relationships. only a fortunate few dont fall for that bullshit.

pfffffff just sleep with his dad. Trump Card

Hello_kitty_love_fml 0

Wow. If I was OP I would have taken the scholarship and say, "See ya in a few years!"

Tell the ex you have herpes. He will be on the next flight too. Hey, its another country youll never see her again, and neither will he.

I'm sorry but an education is way more important than a love life. Stuff like that happens every so often. Take advantage of it.

shrinkydinks 0

exactly. don't ever make decisions based on a bf/gf. it may seem like forever, but usually it isn't

Bsane 0

lol for other person, now it's to late

a_nutritionist 10

an education can also wait. you can go to school anytime you want, but i dare you to say to someone "you know what? id really like to keep this thing we have going, so if you could just wait say...3 years for me to finish this degree ill consider taking things to the next level with you". tell me how that works out in comparison to "id like to defer my studies" then finding a university where youve just moved to, or hell, just getting a job. a career is just a means to an end, sure we all wanna be happy with our jobs but who gives a shit if thats all youve got? taking a risk every now and then for yourself is a good thing. learn to live.

DivakiddOsz 5

it works better with a freshly slain mackeral. fish are very effective for slapping mechanisms

WadeFTW 0

You would have bitch slapped someone who was getting back together with the love of his life? Your such an asshole.

xMexicanXJesusx 0

67, who ever said anything about the ex being the love of his life?

that's such a mean thing to do and say ! especially after a all you've done for him :( well, if you're in a nice country I guess you should just stay there , right ? ;)

MissBunnyWillEat 11

Whoa there guys, I believe 67 was being sarcastic.... THAT, or he's just insanely dumb and insensitive.

enonymous 8

100 Us men can be all 3 at the same time

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DivakiddOsz 5

67 - right, how do YOU know that she was "the love of his life"... shit what would you do if you were that girl turning down a scholarship for that guy... ********, you would bitchslap the heartless son of a bitch

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resolve all issues with your turned down scholarship.

sxe_beast 11

I totally agree with #4. Beg if you have to :| Education>Love If I were her I would never have turned down the scholarship in the first place... Your education will last you a life time, but this relationship obviously will not.

Yeah, his picture kinda makes me gag a little every time I see it.

sxe_beast 11

That's the whole point of the new cigarette warnings ^_^. I do hope that they pass/come into effect soon.

a_nutritionist 10

@82 i know someone who thinks like that. yeah. theyre old, single, miserable and rich now. sounds like a wonderful life, eh?

sxe_beast 11

@185 - They failed at life. I plan to go to college and settle down afterward. Its not that hard to do. Plenty of people do it.

a_nutritionist 10

actually its because they prioritised their work over their fiance and since then havent been able to find someone else they care as much for. sure he has relationships, but since he hasnt gotten over this girl they usually end badly. so i suppose you could say hes happy on and off, but his ex wants nothing to do with him and is happily remarried. by the way, not everyone has to deal with situations like this, in which they have to take risks to get what they want. just because people successfully leave university and get married doesnt mean that same black and white life view applies to everyone.

KingGeorgeGal 12

You shouldn't put a boy in front of your life and ambitions.

lakaiskate 12

if he truly loves you he will keep the long distance relationship until you graduate post secondary.

mayoral26 0

You should never put ANYONE in front of your life ambitions... to give someone that much is setting yourself up to be screwed unless they are giving up the equivalent...

I wouldn't go that far to say anyone because many times people can't go to college because one of their family members is ill and has no one else to take care of them.

KingGeorgeGal 12

I'm also wondering what country she moved to. It says she lives in Canada so it's not AS big of a deal if she moved to United States than like moving to... France.

calebobadiah 0

if your willing to throw your life away 4 somebody, then you deserve it.

redshortsx 0

NEVER change up your life for a guy un less he is marrying you.. YDI OP

sxe_beast 11

I don't understand why homemakers are becoming so infrequent. That's what women were made for. That and being a baby factory.

ironyisforlosers 0

Nice try trolling, sxe_beast. I give you an F for effort

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when hes sleeping glue his hand to hus dick.

lilmisslovely13 15

your picture just made your comment so much funnier :D lol

Yeah, you're a creepy old bastard aren't ya? Who's a pedo?? Who's a pedo?!

I am! I am! Hahahaha *cops bust down door* oh shit

Aw man, the comment I was replying to disappeared.

why would you turn that down for a man?? ydi

nisey3313 11

That was stupid on your part. Never put your life on hold for a boy. Smh

nickylove1328 0

yeah but it shows that she has feelings and rlly likes him.

#126: Obviously not, since she said she'd be able to tolerate the fact that he was leaving her for his ex if not for the whole moving situation.

A boy should never put his life on hold for a girl either