By ukfan - 06/10/2010 16:01 - United States

Today, after bringing my dog back inside, he started whining. I thought it was because he wanted his toys, but he was really trying to say, "Help me," as a torpedo of diarrhea exploded out of him, leaving a trail down the hallway. FML
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sounds like a shitty situation

perdix 29

A Torpedo of Diarrhea. . . that sounds like a dog toy that didn't really catch on.


PULS3_fml 0

sounds like a shitty situation

..unless you're into that sort of thing.

oboewhore_xD 6

5, I am. ;) Meet me in room 201 at the Days Inn in Orlando, FL. Twenty minutes.

You ain't nothin but a hound dog Shittin all the time. You ain't nothin but a hound dog Shittin all the time. Well, you aint never caught a rabbit And you ain't no friend of mine.

you know.. sometimes dogs eat their own poo.

pwincessa23 1

epic pic. & do they really eat it!!????? eww!

yes. my dog does, saves me from cleaning. just kidding !

haha my aunt's dog drinks from the toilet. she's disuisted by it but it's cleaner thab the crap she feeds them

disguisted* than* i need to go back to elementary school >.<

Disguisting: 1. (n) breaking up with one's Jersey Shore SO for being a dirty ***** [pron. DIS-gwe-sting] 2 (adj) a description for the sensation one feels upon discovering his date's "Sexy Cat" Halloween costume has cleverly utilized Spanks and a corset to hide the real horror show underneath [pron. dis-GUYS-ting, syn. "trick", ant. "treat"]

dogs only eat poo if they are malnourished

83 tell that to my dog that eats his shit that's feed twice a day 1 of dog food and 1 of people food. he is fit but he eats it not alot just enough to know he eats it and still does which is creepy.

thatxgirlxthere 0

this joke has seriously gotten really old.

89: I hope you're referring to the shit puns and not my ridiculous wordplay, or I'll be a sad tomato. :[

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your poor bloody dog! :( you need to get him to the vets !!

1, shut up. All the FMLs related even in the slightest to shit have to have an idiot try to make that stupid pun, thinking they're so smart. Today, a bird pooped on me. FML Idiot commenter: shitty situation. Today, I crapped my pants. Idiot commenter: shitty situation. Don't think you're smart because you copied one of the most stupid and overused puns in history. Think of your own, make a proper comment or don't comment at all. And also, I believe torpedos travel through water. Missiles are air projectiles. So it should be missile, not torpedo.

Ew...and you probably have to clean it up too ._.

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Hahaha #1 Awwww, poor dog! That is really shitty though OP

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why would you bless it...its friggin dirreha.."o yea lemme put a little holy water on this shitt maybe it wont be so shitty" HA.