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By Anonymous - 19/02/2010 03:06 - United States

Today, I got banned from my boyfriend's house for being an "insurance liability." FML
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Hate to bring this up, but... is your name Bella?


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I'm wondering the same thing...

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I think she might be a dumb dumb does dumb dumb want some gum gum?

He just wanted to dump you and hadda make up some chicken s*** excuse cause he's not man enough to tell you the truth!

Were you breaking things last time you were in a fight? Did he say that or the insurance company? You probably deserve it because I simply cannot imagine someone saying that without cause.

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I agree with my imaginary foe. People aren't branded insurance liabilities just for no reason y'know.

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try wearing a helmey next time >=00 are you an insurance liability?? o.O I'm confused.

Um, Im as confused as you guys so I researched "insurance liability" but I couldn't find anything. I did, however, find the definition for "liability insurance"... Definition: Insurance coverage to protect against claims alleging that one's negligence or inappropriate action resulted in bodily injury or property damage. So either the OP has made this up with scientifical terms or she has just misworded the FML and has wrecked something in her boyfriends home. Hope that makes sense.

We know what an insurance liability is, we just don't know how the hell she can be one. And no, I'm pretty sure she didn't word it wrong, she herself is not liability insurance. She means that her presence could somehow void her boyfriend's insurance terms.

Maybe he's insured against getting STDs and one of the terms is that he's not allowed to date skanks from Oregon??

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ahhh, that's a good explanation, sounds about right, she must be a crazy one :

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Tell him to get a new plan :D

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dude don't bathe for hecka days and they rub your dirty period ****** all over his walls and say 'insurance liability that byotch!' and then run out the door and streak down his street. that'll teach him for banning you.

that's nasty. punches coolcat in the junk

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Ok I imagined someone trying to rub their ****** all over a wall. Lmfao.

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#69 as did I, where do people come up with this stuff. it must of happend to him before :

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That is just fkin nasty! Where the hell do ppl come up with these sorta deranged ideas from? Just. Fkin. Nasty. And hella immature

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you must have done something before then to make that happen lol