By afraid of flying too - 24/06/2013 23:24 - Canada - Fort Saint John

Today, I'm left with two non-refundable tickets to Jamaica, because my now ex-boyfriend said his Quidditch tournament is more important than seeing my "fat ass in a bikini". FML
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LeonKennedy45 10

That's horrible. I hope he falls off his broom and onto his face.


LeonKennedy45 10
Wizardo 33

Hope he gets taken out by a bludger or two...

Tell him be won't be able to lick it

me too. and hopefully she can find a friend to go and have an awesome time with :)

Good job dumping him OP! Which one of you is afraid of flying? If it's you bring a friend. If it's him I don't know if it is funny or sad that he will be spending his time pretending to fly

#31 what in the world is your comment suppose to mean? it makes absolutely no sense.

I think #31 means, "tell him he won't be able to lick it" as in (as the FML states) "her fat ass in a bikini"

@TygerarmyWhat... Are you talking about..? OP, sounds like he's an idiot, ad you're better off making it a girls trip! Maybe you'll meet a guy who can appreciate your voluptuous booty , and is actually worth your time! (; gl!

The OP's user name- by afraid of flying too

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When did she say she dumped him? Some people can't read I think.

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why didn't you go with a friend or something? that'd be a good way to get your mind off your ex and relax.

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"My now ex..." Who can't read, now?

vegeta77 4

Sounds like he dumped her. Who can't read now?

I think tigerarmy was referring to the op's name

what a moron. curvy girls any day. and a vacation with my gf over quidditch any day too. If I wanted to see bones I'd go to a museum. have fun on your trip OP!

No it's not, we shouldn't make fun of anyone for anything but that's not the way society works.

81 personal choice is not an insult. calling someone a 'fat ass' is an insult.

Theres a difference between skinny and almost a skeleton.

I don't think that #81 was trying to insult anyone he was just stating what he prefers in women.

That's horrible. I hope he falls off his broom and onto his face.

xAttackAttackx 25

...and he breaks his arm. Then Professor Lockhart is there, and he uses the bad spell. Then he ends up in the emergency room without a single drop of the bone growing pumpkin juice! That'll show him.

#24 Or if they do have the bone growing pumpkin juice, at least that stuff is nasty.

It's skelegrow not pumpkin juice. When Harry spits it out she says "what did you expect pumpkin juice?"

I'm sorry to be that person here... But, #24, it wasn't pumpkin juice that grew Harry Potter's bones back. Madam Pomfrey actually said "What did you expect it to taste like, pumpkin juice?" It was just some Skele-Grow, and it tastes nasty...

xAttackAttackx 25

177 186- Sorry, my memory's been a long time since I've seen the movie.

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I hope she's there to put it on YouTube

spartangrl 6

196 maybe you should try reading the book

nothing is said about the hole, only about the ass and thats nice and big

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Maybe take one of your close friends or maybe a family member with you instead? Hope it works out for you in the end, OP! He sounds like he was a complete douchebag anyways!!

Look on the bright side - there are beaches in Jamaica too! :)

Depending on the airline, they may not let ger adjust the tickets.

Being a friend? Maybe he'd have ruined the vacation anyway. You're better off without him. (:

Go without him! And if you think you look good in a bikini then wear it! His opinion isn't worth shit.

DyslexicPanda 12

7, I'm afraid there are far too many big women out there with that mentality, and it only serves to make everyone else throw up a little in our mouths. There is a difference between being confident and simply ignoring the facts. That said, it is unlikely that OP falls into the second category and should therefore be confident in how she looks.

People should be able to wear what they want, regardless of their size.

I have to agree to some degree, but I've seen things...

MzZombicidal 36

If someone's comfortable with their body, let them be. Hell, even if they aren't. Don't be rude because you have a distorted idea of beauty.

With that logic streaking shouldn't be an issue. I know to some extent that's frowned upon because of the lack of shame rather than beauty, but it's gross when people don't dress their body type because of how much they reveal, that we simply don't want to see.

TheDrifter 23

People of Walmart. Some people just ignore reality to support their actions.

Corrupt_waffles 13

I agree with being confident but people should dress for their age/weight/self respect. "It doesn't mean that it's in your size that you should wear it." I adhere to this rule as well. I am thin but I don't wear the booty shorts that crawl up my vag just because it's my size. There is a difference between dressing confident and dressing like a slutbag/not wearing enough/wearing something way too tight. Just my two cents over here.

64, if I want to dress like a "slutbag" I will. I choose what I put on my own body.

im surprised no one on here has said bring me lol

But not too many big men? If you think that should be a rule, at leats try being a little bit less sexist and shame the unattractive males too. People have no obligation to present themselves in a way YOU find pleasing. Stop pretending that you are somehow more important than others and that you have some right to be surrounded only by women you find attractive. You don't, but everyone actually do have the right to do whith their own body as they wish. That includes choosing one's own wardrobe, regardless of size.

Well men tend not to wear bikinis or shorts that reveal the whole thigh, so it's not sexism, it's simply not an issue worth addressing. And theirs a difference between people in my surrounds not being "attractive" and being downright immodest and disgusting. They're free to do it, sure, but we're free to complain and hate them for it. Our opinion is that they shouldn't do it, not that they lack the freedom to do so.

Emily062611 6

I agree with you if you mean "immodest" as in showing parts no one should reveal. However, if you're saying that big people wearing the same type of clothing as skinny people is immodest, I think you're an idiot. If you don't like what you see, look at something else.

Octwo 16

If you'd ever seen a morbidly obese man in a speedo, you wouldn't consider it such a non-issue.

vegeta77 4

I hate that **** bag mentality. It's gross. I don't want to see your camel toe and your fat rolls. You should be considerate.

I've seen many obese men walk around with no shirt on. I don't care about their legs when the entire upper part of their body is naked. Does everyone want to see that? No. But they have the right to wear or not wear whatever they choose. If you don't like it, look somewhere else.

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Tell him to Quidbitchin about his dumbass tournament and snitch up a real keeper to take with you on that trip.

Eh comment was okay. I thumbed up it

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Do you leave a comment every time you thumb something up?

Okay Pwn17 i have thumbed up your comment.

I see what you did there ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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I bet there will be a lot of guys that would think you look great in your bikini! fyl and you're better than that jerk, take someone close to you instead.