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Today, my daughter had the words "Always classy, never trashy" tattooed across her lower back in crappy cursive lettering. She doesn't understand the irony. FML
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I'd first give her a dictionary for her to look up the word "irony". I'd then direct her to urban dictionary to look up the term "tramp stamp".

Well... Yeah. There's nothing I can say that doesn't make her look stupid. Sorry OP. I can't help you there. FYL indeed.


Well... Yeah. There's nothing I can say that doesn't make her look stupid. Sorry OP. I can't help you there. FYL indeed.

I'd first give her a dictionary for her to look up the word "irony". I'd then direct her to urban dictionary to look up the term "tramp stamp".

What is it today with people not understanding what irony is?

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34- Actually, at my school we learn all types of irony. Situational, dramatic, verbal.... Maybe OP's daughter is just dumb.

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And then direct her to a good tattoo removal place once she realizes how dumb she is

26, I wonder if you were trying to be ironic, by incorrectly suggesting that 2 and OP don't understand what irony is, because they clearly do. The irony in this situation is that OP's daughter got a lower back tattoo (and a poorly done one at that) claiming that she is "Always classy never trashy," yet lower back tattoos are always trashy never classy.

tramp stamp A tattoo on the lower back of a female. Denotes the perceived correlation between having a tattoo in this location and being sexually promiscuous. The larger the tramp stamp, the more promiscuous the female, goes the common lore. Popular designs include butterflies, flowers, vines, tribal designs, wings....

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Sorry OP, you can't fix stupid.

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yes you can by raising them right. op deserves it

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It gives the "classy" guys she will find a nice spot to aim to help make make her even more "classy".

Holy crap.. U made this even more funny!!!!

This man doesn't deserve the down thumbs! That is some funny shit.

I can barely understand what he meant to say... The comment was so badly written; that's why I thumbed it down

He just needed better punctuation, it was hilarious

Anyone else who doesn't understand the irony, rise with me.

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I have a serious question, do you purposely say dumb things to get thumbed down or are you just that ignorant (the literal term, not the slang insult)?

#8 I have question do you have to be a jerk? If you don't like his comments just thumb them down, instead of trying to make him look bad.

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I wasn't trying to come off as a jerk, it's almost impossible to display emotions on a keyboard. I was being serious. Almost every comment I've seen of his has been very, uneducated, for lack of a better word. I wasn't trying to insult him. The word ignorant means lack of knowledge. I was basically asking if he's a troll, or if he is really that uneducated of the world. If I came off as a bitch I apologize.

#8 is right.. Especially since he has already lamented on more than one occasion on why he always gets thumbed down....

English isn't his first language and I'm not sure but I don't think he lives in the US or UK. So get off your high horse and realize there are other countries in the world and they may not be familiar with our slang.

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27- I don't know what you think you read, but no where in my comments did I try to act superior over him. And no where in my comments did I say anything that would imply that I think USA is the only country in the world. Actually I'm sure I asked if he was ignorant of the world...

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Child: Why did Pradip get thumbed down dad. He didnt do anything wrong. Gordn: Because he's the hero FML deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

27 - would you like to increase your scope to all English speaking countries or are the US and the UK the only English speaking countries you know. Regardless of English being your first language or commonly spoken one, the FML is rather obvious. Unless of course you rarely use English in which case a forum such as FML is a poor one to frequent, judging from the grammar nazis.

******* idiot!! She got a tramp stamp that said she isnt trashy

To answer your question Pradip, getting 'tramp stamps' (tattoos on your lower back) is widely thought of as distinctly classless. The fact that she got a tramp stamp saying 'Always classy' is ironic.

No, I don't say dumb things to get thumbed down. I wasn't familiar with tramp stamp. Guess I was dumb enough to ask about it on an open community.

pradip, I like your comments because you dare to be different, you speak your mind. You don't say useless shit to get thumbs up and hijack comments to get your comment seen.

Tramp stamp to clarify is a tattoo done on the small of a girls back... It is often called a tramp stamp because of the massive popularity of that tattoo location for generic and unoriginal designs with trashy, or loose girls. Not all lower back tattoos are tramp stamps but all tramp stamps are lower back tattoos. The difference is in the quality a cheap and poorly done or unoriginal tattoo there is a stereotypical white trash or slutty trailer park type of tattoo and a tramp stamp ... A clean and well executed piece on the other hand can simply be a back piece.

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45- Once again, I apologize if I seemed insulting or offensive. I was merely questioning because of the past negative comment history. Now I feel like a bitch, and I should've worded the question more politely.

HotPinklipstick don't feel bad, we all say things that make someone look bad. Given my history, what you said is justifiable.

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Hotpink.. I wouldn't sweat it.. U didn't come off like a bitch at all... It's the Internet.. The easiest way to attack people

Pradip you are awesome. I'm not gonna say crap about how you "spread your wings of glory on FML" or "you fearlessly belted out your question with no regards like you were charging into battle", BUT I do think you comment didn't warrant that much negativity.

Not at all i agree with u all the way. He is dumb.

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Lack of knowledge or education

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Why would someone get a tattoo to prove their classiness? It's like someone liking their own status/dp to help prove their popularity.

Thats one tramp stamp she is going to regret Don't girls know lower back tattoos are just targets.

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she forgot one thing. tramp stamps are the opposite of classy.

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Her parents must've done crappy job. Not only stupid, but also trashy.

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I don't see why this comment is getting thumbed down. If the parents have any contol over what their daughter can or can't do, it's the parents' fault for letting her get the tattoo. But on the off chance that I'm wrong, I'll take this comment back.

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Depending on what age she got the tattoo at, and the state laws, her parents have no control. My parents strongly disapprove of tattoos, yet I have 3. No one blames them for my body art. It's my body so I do what I want to it. But if her daughter is a minor, she would most likely have to have a parent or guardian sign off on the tattoo unless she got it from some shady dude in a basement. Not only that, have you ever gone out and done something your parents didn't approve of? They didn't have control over you then, did they?

#14, you got it wrong. She's always classy, never trashy.