By amorousintx - United States
  Today, my grad student husband was unusually frisky in the middle of the day. I took the opportunity and we had an enjoyable afternoon romp. Afterward, I asked him what had gotten him in such a good mood. He replied, "I'd do just about anything to get out of doing my homework." FML
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  nerdsgetmehot  |  22

Ooh, OP decided to great creative with her words and use a phrase other than "my husband and I fucked." So what? The creative wording is so much more fun to read. :P
Sorry if I sound snippy. I guess that's what happens when I comment on FMLs at 5:30 am...

  RedPillSucks  |  31

@7 we do the same thing with sex

The learning! - Today I learned that my girl friend is really kinky
The difficulty! - She wanted me to do some Kama Sutra position called "lotus on pole"

The moment when I can exclaim, "I have conquered thee!" >:) -- That's what she said! FML.

  iHOOT4Hooters  |  0

Teacher: Why didn't you do your homework?
Husband: Um, I was really busy.
Teacher: With what?
Husband: Well, I had some Sex Ed. homework, and also some Physical Education homework.
Teacher: So?
Husband: So, I decided to combine them into one, and practice on my wife.