By ring-a-ding-ding - United States - Sparks
Today, at work, due to a mix up, I had to call an answering service. I am also from an answering service. We got the problem fixed but I couldn't hang up due to company policy. She couldn't hang up either. We both had to get our supervisors for permission to hang up. FML
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  KoolerTheFirst  |  12

#71: He's trying to make a reference to an old, overused meme. The same meme #16 was referencing. He said "37 people" because, at the time, #16 had a score of -37.

  niallo  |  23

I would think that since you initiated the call, you were the customer. Most policy's prevent you hanging up on customers, that would free you to hang up IMHO.

  PrimeEvilTahir  |  23

Almost 8 years of experience in this field.

If you are making 'outbound' calls (calling out). You are always allowed to hang up.

Imagine a scenario where the client is pissed that u called them. Are you going to be more irritating and wait for them to hang up? F no! U apologize and hang up. Simple.

By  IJG2000  |  16

Its so annoying when policies don't allow one to do something so simple. Well at least it got sorted out, and the problem being fixed. Haha that must've been so awkward to stay on the line for so long.

  riddle143  |  15

I used to work at an inbound call center. Where customers called for tech support, we could lose our job for hanging up on an active customer, but if they were totally unresponsive there was a method to follow for disconnecting the call politely, and we could disconnect on internal calls without much ceremony. Guess that makes too much sense for OP/other tech's respective companies.

  PSYqualiac  |  17

21 Calls can only be recorded if they let the person on the other line know. Some places don't say and as a result cannot legally record your phone call.

By  Joshwarrior  |  39

That is ludicrous :/ if you called and weren't answering then technically you should have been allowed to hang up. Haha I'm patient but a policy like that in that situation would be frustrating.

  GEFStryker  |  28

You kinda, sorta failed at logic there a bit. Caller #1 would ask supervisor #1 to hang up. Supervisor #1 would say "Ha-ha! That's funny. Yes, you can hang up." Caller #1 says "Goodbye!" and hangs up. Caller #2 was hung up on, therefore they are now free to hang up with no negative repercussions, mmm-kay?