By Lonely School Kid - 30/07/2015 22:35 - Canada

Today, I found out why I was always picked up last from school. My parents didn't want the other parents to find out I was their kid. FML
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catkat1988 17

Some day your parents are going to realise the reason why you're not visiting them in their nursing home: You don't want the children of the other residents to find out they're your parents.

this is beyond ****** up. if you want my email or anything to talk let me know


hoosiergirl94 31

thats, why i'll treat you like trash (someone please get this reference)

but... that's not what I really wanna do.

that means everyone needs to be mean af so we can all finish first :D ....logic....true logic

idk I like to let girls finish before I do

Aaaw. That's so sad. I'm sorry for you, OP.

blcksocks 19

I can't decide which is worse... Parents being embarrassed by their kids or the other way around. I mean look at that penis baguette guy in the other post.

sorry but your parents are bitches. you sound nice :) get out there and make more friends, you're gonna find pepple who appreciates you for being you

op never said they didnt have enough friends its just their parents are trash

another reason 90% people on this app are trash, this persons comment got buried cause she messed up one thing while trying to make the person feel better.... sad. may the down votes begin

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this is beyond ****** up. if you want my email or anything to talk let me know

trellz17 19

Showing support gets you thumbed down? Interesting.

Some parents... I'm sorry OP but I suggest trying to improve yourself on an activity like sports or learn card magic tricks to show some people. You can make friends easy that way (:

This has nothing to do with OP not having friends.

theamazingd 17

Well, that wasn't very Canadian of them.