By WaltTheFuckDad - United States - Salida
Today, my dad tore my room apart for the second time, looking for drug-making equipment. His reasoning is that I must be dealing drugs, because I'm a chemistry major who likes to watch Breaking Bad. FML
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  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

He's just paranoid from all that meth he's been smoking. Shit will make ya think the Men In Black are breaking down your doors to snatch your alien cat away. Then when they do get the cat you chase them four blocks back to their hideout and try to jimmy your way back in. When you finally get it you realize they have so many cats! You search and search but you can't find your alien kitty! Someone taps you on the shoulder and asks you what you're doing, but you know they're just trying to trap you in one of their cages, so you free all the cats and rip off your shirt, while screaming obscenities at the agent. But one of them has a taser and knocks you out. Next thing ya know, you're in court for breaking into an animal rescue center... Meth not even once, or twice.. Hell the third times the charm, right? Right!?

  dinagdotphoto  |  13

It's more like you get involved in that world while watching it.. And i agree, I'm on 2nd season and it's been nothing but scary so far. What i mean, is to have a skill set that "Heisenberg" has would be so interesting, that if it were me, I'd exploit it, at least out of curiosity.