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Today, my sister punched me in the face. My dad was actually annoyed with me when I told him. He said I'll never be a "real man" if I can't take a hit from a girl. FML
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Get your sister to punch your dad in the face to see how it feels

It's sad to see how sexism is still so strong in society :/ Of course you're only a real man if you never show emotion and piss in the corner to mark your territory *sarcasm off*


Get your sister to punch your dad in the face to see how it feels

Maybe you should have your sister punch him in the face

It's sad to see how sexism is still so strong in society :/ Of course you're only a real man if you never show emotion and piss in the corner to mark your territory *sarcasm off*

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I meant to like your comment since I agreed with it but accidently tapped dislike :/

I know! It's OK for a girl to hit a guy, but as soon as a guy hits a girl, it's horrible! Why can't it be horrible for anyone to hit anyone else?

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Women are weaker than men biologically...It just means he's weak. Yes there are women stronger than men, but that's generally not the case. It's not sexist, just his father saying he's weak.

Sorry I meant to edit. The father might have been joking, but he probably wasn't. Women are weaker, but there are some strong women. Men are stronger biologically. Women do have things men don't, for example being smarter, which is more important in my opinion. The father stated he will never be a real man, which he might be referring to men being strong a majority of the time. However he could've just been a prick. AGAIN I AM SORRY I WROTE A GOD DAMN ESSAY IN EDIT MODE BUT RAN OUT OF TIME. I'm just saying this as a reminder that people say this everyday...It's not technically sexism. For the evidence shows that women are weaker, doesn't mean they're not strong, and they're stronger sometimes. Please don't be like, "This dudes sexist for saying women are weaker." They generally are. To conclude...The father's a dick. OH MALE SEXISM! Sorry...Delete?

All I said was women are, (looking at biology and science), weaker than men. Some women are stronger than men, trust me I've seen women who could **** Chuck Norris' day up. Also I've seen women who are stronger in general. But if you had a basic man and a basic woman in a room, the man would be stronger. Might not be by much, but he still is. But if you read my whole comment, women are smarter,

For the last sentence what I meant was if you actually. Sorry I worded it wrong, little time to edit.

Well guess what asshole, times are changing, women are getting stronger and tougher, so that might have been how it used to be but maybe they should update their tests. If you're talking about just randomly plucking people off the street, there's a pretty high chance that the girl can kick that guy's ass.

No no no. That's not what I meant. I'm saying basic men vs. basic women. **** it, I'm being stupid. Can I delete comments?

Thanks to whoever deleted those. *Clears throat* Can we just not ******* hit...

What are you guys going on about? His father's quote about "being a man" has nothing to do with whether or not it's ok for a woman to hit a man, if a guy should hold in his emotions, or anything else unrelated to the situation OP posted about. Was that bad parenting on his father's part? Yes. Both for his son and daughter. Was it ok for his sister to hit him? Obviously not. I think anyone could agree with that. But my point is that "being a man" means being physically tough, and that's what the father was referring to. In that single aspect I'd have to agree. Of course this is totally dependent on OP's age too and at that point it would just be arguing hypothetical situations. I'm just tired of seeing everyone trying to be so PC about every single aspect of life. Biologically guys are made to be tougher. That is a fact.

Right which is why we have a spot located on the outside of our body that causes us immense pain if anything even slightly contacts it and renders us whimpering messes.

#54 Somehow I think you've missed the point

It's also sexist against women, implying that women are weak and inferior, and could never actually hurt a guy. Sexism against 1 usually becomes against both.

I'm sorry, did I hit a sensitive spot #63? Or is that the only response you can give because you have nothing to say? #59, I have to politely disagree. Sometimes one just has to toughen up whether it's physically, emotionally, or in maturity. The fact that OP came to the internet to complain after complaining to his father didn't work is a clear sign he could use at least one of the three. I'm not going to spell it out but if you're father is not being a good parent, it's time to get creative and start looking for another solution instead of moping around.

For Christ's sake! This is exactly what I'm talking about. Could you guys try to not get offended by everything. You can't step outside without someone say something like men generally being stronger than women is sexists. People like #64 are exactly what I'm talking about. You're so quick to get up in arms you Sony realize it's a biological fact! Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, there always is. But that's what they are, exceptions. Let's stop being professionally offended by everything please

Being a man means being a man :| what else would he be? A woman? Because apparently we are weak in all forms? Point is if someone punches another, the attacker should be punished. Never heard a judge tell a victim to "man up" after being attacked. Why is it more okay to tell a CHILD that? I was hit by my brother multiple times, would you tell me to man/woman up? No, you'd be angry. The biggest thing is someone intentionally hurt someone, and you are ignoring that the person hurt another and focusing on the person who was HURT and saying they shouldn't say anything and just take it if someone hurts them. Pretty ****** up.

I guess I wasn't very clear with my points. That or you didn't take the time to read my responses all the way through, so I'll try to restate them. A) the father was at fault primarily. B) no where in the post does it say OP is a child. C) it seems all OP wants to do is complain, as he came to the internet to complain after complaining to his father didn't work. I wouldn't be surprised if this is is something he typically does. D) my main point which is, the fathers off handed sexist comment is not the root of his bad parenting, but a portion of the FML community is so easily triggered that not only do they seem to zone everything else out, but become obnoxious PC crusaders preaching to their own damn choir.

Sigh. #74 go back and reread those responses. A) no one is questioning that the father is primarily at fault. B) no where in the post does it say OP is a child. C) the only one ignoring different sides of stories/angles from OP's post is professionally offended people like yourself. Take a moment to get off your precious soapbox, stop taking every chance you get to preach to your own damn choir, and take a moment to consider " Do I really think sexism is the root of OP's father's bad parenting?" "Could it be that OP's FML version of the story might perhaps be a little biased and the father didn't say 'you can't be a real man if ___' as a literal expression/expectation, but rather an idiom," "if he did does it really bother me that much every single time," "Could OP use thicker skin when his first reaction was to complain online after complaining to his father didn't work," "maybe, just MAYBE I shouldn't be triggered so easily off a comment that has it's roots based on a biological fact and focus my energy on real sexists problem going on around the world," and "Am I talking to preschoolers that I have to be obnoxious today and tell everyone for the millionth time that sexism is bad?" The list goes on. Realize that not everyone is going to be PC 24/7. If you want to live exhausting lives finding every excuse to get up in arms that's great, just don't expect everyone else to expend the same amount of effort walking on egg shells. As I said before, I do think OP could stand for some tougher skin.

Who's on a soapbox? Everyone commenting here is disagreeing with you and downvoting you yet here you are, blabbering on. The point is op DOESNT need a thicker skin. If you think people shouldn't complain about their lives you are on the ENTIRELY wrong place. Welcome to FML where..gasp, people complain about their lives. In the civilized world, punching people isn't tolerated by law. A woman hitting a man might not get as much outcry, but it should. I don't give a single **** who is biologically stronger, what does that have to do with anything? You don't attack people. Period. I don't care if it's a couch potato attacking a body builder, they should be punished because they instigated violence. I don't care how bruised a person got. Considering it's not tolerated, unless op is going to go into some sort of career that requires it I see no reason he should have to get used to being punched or hit.

I'm now convinced you just don't read, so I'm going to say this real simply for you. Every single response of mine has been made towards those who find a reason to make things about sexism, and then blow it out of proportion. (Those people are easy to find in the rest of the comments.) NOT whether it's right or wrong for one human to hit another. THAT should have been the main focus from the get go. But we get people immediately cry "sexism!", just for the sake of crying " sexism" almost in the same way people are so ready to cry "racism!" when in some instances, the reality of the issue has less to do with racism and more so with the character of the people in the situation. You've completely missed my point, but at least you nailed the main issue of this FML post.

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feminists. which reminds me that first world women do not need feminism, I agree with feminism for women ACTUALLY being oppressed like in third world countries, but here they just have it so they can reach female supremacy.

Oh how dare you say that there are woman that don't want equality all they want is a large cup of male tears and for all men to drop dead is that really that hard of a task for the strong men. (This is a joke)

My daily life right here. I feel your pain.

This is one of the few double standards against men. Your sister needs to learn to not talk with her fists

"One of the few" There's actually a lot more than you probably realise

Every gender has double standards don't start with that bullshit

Ignore that crap. She should be in as much trouble as you would be if you hit her. That's teaching her that it is ok to hit others.

His response is only encouraging your sisters behavior. Possibly setting her up for a dangerous situation. I can't stand violence against men or women but it's the double standard that gets me. A guy hits a woman and all hell breaks lose. A woman hits a man and no one bats eye. This is the kind of behavior that makes it hard for males to be taken seriously when they come forward about domestic violence. Anyway, let's just hope your sister doesn't ever hit a guy who isn't afraid to hit her back.

If you had hit her back pretty sure you'd be scorned by many more than she is