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  zinoxity  |  23

#14 - You don't say?
But it's illogical to "know" you're getting punched in the face. You only 'think' you are. Unless you're psychic, or prone to getting punched in the face every time you scare someone.

  MargieDrury  |  1

14 tbh I don't even know anymore all I know is getting punched in the face hurts when I scare someone I usually get punched when I do so I just stop. When I try.

By  The_Hitdude  |  12

Wow this reminds me of that scary maze bistro where the college kid punched completely through his computer monitor and pissed himself effing funny!

  KtKD54  |  2

Once, my uncle and my great uncle were trying to scare my dad (they did this a lot), so they snuck up on him while he was sleeping and they tried yelling at him and he punched my great uncle bill and knocked him out cold with one punch

  rubberduckie94  |  13

Yes, far from abuse, I don't care who you plan to scare you better be prepared for anything when you do it. Because of our past jobs it is hard for anyone to scare my husband and me. But anyone that knows us also knows if they succeed they are liable to be taken to the floor out of pure reflex.