Helicopter parents

By that girl. - 06/06/2012 05:26 - United States

Today, instead of having my friends come pick me up, my dad drove me over to visit them. He insisted on walking me up to the door, hugging me goodbye, and making sure my friends were appropriate enough to hang out with. I'm in college. FML
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flashback.miss 28

You're still their little girl~ But yes, that is a bit embarrassing...

well there could be worse, like he could join you with your friends.


flashback.miss 28

You're still their little girl~ But yes, that is a bit embarrassing...

reallytho3 11

Lol at least she knows they care :) even though it's a bit embarrassment

flashback.miss 28

@ 14 Right! =D be thankful for such loving parents as stated previously, others have it far, far worse.

My mom walked into my school cafeteria, came to my table, and told me that i forgot my spoon. She even got into the bus that was taking me to camp and told all the kids to be friends with me because i didnt know any of them. Also once in elementary school grade 7, she walked all the way there and gave me milk to drink cause she thought i hadnt had breakfast. Yes she cares and i do love her but thats quite embarassing.

theHIGHroad2 5

20- You said that you reply with lyrics....

1-This is sorta off topic, but... WTF is on your tongue??

30- that seems very embarrassing. My mom wasn't as bad but she made me hold her hand in public until I was 14 so I "wouldn't get lost".

tmmundy 17

Don't feel to bad op, I used to make my girls check in with me every two hours when they would play outside when they were younger, they're 20 & 23 now. There are a lot of crazy people out there, and my husband being a police officer didn't help, I heard all about the crazy people and still do. It will get better.

Just keeping his baby safe. I don't see the problem.

hwkfan1 10

Ouch op I had a similar situation once, doesn't feel good.

Latissimus 3

Well if I were a dad I wouldnt want my baby girl hanging around girls that love the D or little s***bag guys that just want to get it in.

When your a parent you will understand. Your lucky to have parents that still care so much for you. Don't take it for granted.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

Exactly. I complain about my parents all the time but I know I'd really miss them if something happened. Just laugh it off and if your friends made fun of you, you need new ones.

You're* sorry but you people really have to learn the differences.

Indeed. I read this as 'my dad cares about me. FML.'

Be glad they care about you. There are some kids whose parents could't care less about.

Move out and/or get your own car. Public transport is also an option.

It doesn't look like she was given a choice on how to get there...

stormer461 13

First, OP's dad offered a ride so no one else would have to worry about it. Second, I'm sure the larger FML lies in the part after OP was dropped off.

OP says "I'm in college", implying some level of maturity. If she doesn't get to make her own choices she should take action.

6, not everyone has the finances or the opportunity to "move out" and just "get their own car". And a lot of people don't have access to public transportation. I'm POSITIVE that OP would have chosen a different mode of transportation if she could have...

40- indeed, the fact that she is in college implies that she should at least have SOME independence. However, we don't know what her circumstances are. There could be many reasons why she had no choice here, but I agree with you as well.

ashleerodrigu 2

I got a job at 15 bought a car on my own at 17 and moved out. Now I'm in college years later and I'm still on my own. There is no excuse for her not being more independent. Yeah times are hard money is short but if you work hard and actually get up and do something with your life then you could actually make something of your life. She's choosing to live with her parents and not make money to afford these things and that's all on her.

lamort_fml 4

Yes, because everyone certainly has access to a job that pays enough for them to get a car and move out of their parents house while they're neck deep in college debt, right? After all EVERYONE is exactly like you.

82 - You make it sound like it's the easiest thing in the world but you don't even know her. I'm eighteen in a few monthes and have never had an offical job. I do what I can to make cash and even then, it isn't that much.

ashleerodrigu 2

I looked hard trying to find a job. I hating asking my parents for money I went everywhere looking for something. I ended up getting the lowest possible position at a restaurant but I stuck it through and now many jobs later I'm cleaning houses it's nasty awful but it pays my bills. That's the problem with people they won't take the dirty jobs. You are too busy saying there are no jobs. There is always jobs but everyone is to stuck up to take a job that's "below" them. I bet if you were offered at job at a fast food place or a maid at a hotel or something dirty you would turn it down. Work is work.

RedPillSucks 31

Being forced into a situation where you have to move out and care for yourself is much different than deciding to move out because your parents are concerned enough to care about who you hang out with. Don't judge everyone by the same book (holy mixed metaphors, batman). It's not like the dad forbade her to hang out, he's just showing interest in who her friends are.

ashleerodrigu 2

I decided to move out I wasn't forced and my parents were just like hers. Over protective I moved out to be on my own because it's what I needed to do for myself. And I wasnt saying anything against her parents that's great they care but it's not a fhl just because her parents care. If she has such a problem with it then she should fix it not complain about it.

ashleerodrigu- Some kids aren't allowed to get a job. My dad has forbidden me from getting a job he does't approve of, and there is nothing within walking distance of me that he approves of. Same for my nearby bus routes. I'm going into junior year next year, so I'm not allowed to do any job that takes up a large amount of time. I'm going to try to get a summer job, but whatever I get can't interfere with my schedule. Also, some places may have even less job openings than normal, with the only places hiring not wanting a kid or someone without experience. Don't think that just because you have the opportunity to do something means everyone else has the same one.

116 - Your comment makes me upset. Did you realize that even with a job, not everyone can do as you do?! I have worked since I was 15, but there was no way for me to move out with the cash I was bringing in. I went to school full time and had a lot of other stuff in my life. Maybe OP was trying to focus on her studies and maybe all her money is going to tuition. I live in a city where living costs are very high and you cannot live in an apartment without having a full time job. It'd be impossible to afford basic needs. In addition, I have never let my parents pay for anything either. I buy my own stuff, from necessities to things I just want. I've been doing it since I've had a job! You make it sound like everyone can be like you. No, they can't. Maybe you're super smart and can work and go to college full time. Others can't. Learning disabilities and the way our education system works doesn't allow for the different styles of learning and it's really hard for some people. Also, where I live, finding a job is almost impossible, especially if you don't have a high school education. I work with girls who are in high school and have searched for months and cannot find anything. They're willing to do the so-called "dirty jobs" and STILL can't find anything. What does that tell you?! What it SHOULD tell you is that everyone's situation is different. Stop judging. You're in no place to do so. Yes, you got out and did well. I sincerely offer you my congratulations. You're one of the few; just remember that and stop tellin others to be like you.

skinny_treats 6

that's what happens when you don't make an effort to get a license

Tali147 16

Maybe OP does have their license but is unable to drive currently? Both myself and my best friend are unable to drive right now because of medical restrictions. It's not likely, but it's always possible. And if it was some sort of medical restriction, that could be part of why the father was being so protective? Just musing.

35, AGREED. As an example ( and embarrassingly putting myself out there), I've had my G1 (learner's permit) for nearly four years because I simply took the written test, and have yet to take the on-road test to get my G2 or full G license. ---> I have a panic attack every time I drive, afraid that I might cause an accident or make some other driver mad (I have multiple anxiety disorders that disrupt my life - which is considered to be a disability in this case). Maybe OP has something similar? Or perhaps, a physical disability? An illness? Who knows, really. In Canada, it's at least an 8-12 month process to be able to drive on your own as well, but I'm not sure where OP is from... And I've heard that in the U.S., you can just walk right in and get your full license? Again, I'm not sure. In short, there are MANY reasons why OP may not be able to drive OR get her license. So please don't simply say that it's her own fault because she doesn't have one.

^ ....... just to explain: I was replying to #11, but agreeing with #35. Thank you.

Anyone consider the possibility OP's car is in the shop?

Tali147 16

Very sorry to hear about your difficulties 54, in my case I should be driving again soon I hope. We just got out of the hospital late Monday afternoon so with me and my friend it is a question of time. My point being that there are many reasons OP wasn't driving. Including her car being in the shop like was pointed out.

In the US, she can walk in, take her two written tests (which the drug and alcohol one is 4 hours) and then the driving test all on the same day because she's over 18. (that's how it is in Florida, I don't know if other states are different) I'm 18 in two weeks and haven't gotten my license (which ironically, I'm at the DMV now to get my permit (:) Maybe she's like me and just hates driving? Like the commenter above me, I get way too anxious in the driver's seat.

nofearjenshere 12

^ I think it's different for every state, but along those lines. OP just might not feel comfortable driving yet. I have a 23 year old cousin who doesn't drive yet, her dad drops her off at work everyday.

RedPillSucks 31

Also, some colleges don't allow cars for anyone but seniors. If she's not going to be using a car regularly, it would seem to be a waste to get one just for the summer.

Do colleges really do that? Every college I heard about doesn't restrict... At least I think... I know some give decal preference for upper class students but who knows! I don't know every school in the country.

well there could be worse, like he could join you with your friends.

That would be awesome to see! Everyone would love Op's dad more than her, xD that's how it always goes.

Ugh, some parents are just like that. At least you know for sure that he loves and cares about you OP