By 479firefighter
Today, my wife was complaining she always has to put up the Christmas tree. So this year while she was out shopping, I decided to put it up. I set it too close to the fireplace and it caught fire. I'm a firefighter. FML
479firefighter tells us more :
um I have a degree in firefighting I'm 26 and the tree was too big to start with and it was fake. plus we have a open fire place. so I put the tree in the best possible spot. my bad I put it out b4 it hurt any of the house.... no more tree tho
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  AceArctic  |  4

tboy, there is so much worse on this site. Just a warning: Don't get freaked out on the intimacy ones when everyone starts saying "Have a threesome!" because it WILL happen. You'll learn padawan. Yoi will learn

  mamamiaaa_fml  |  12

14-oh reallllllly?! hmm I think some of em were okay like '^this' and 'tell him to make it say duty' oh and 'yes I love the swings. and wet slides' but hey you're probably right. I'm evil. muhahshahahaha. ha.

  krdel  |  0

I've been listening to the beatles for the past few hours so I have good defense against getting stupid songs stuck in my head...thank you beatles

  EpicPear  |  0

"Der...........I'm a good husband....derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........................................................................................................................................................OH SHIT A FIRE!"

  chadkind  |  0

I think maybe it's time fir this guy to find a new JOB if he does not know that putting a tree up that close to a fire place will indeed set the tree on fire maybe firefighting is not meant for him lol

By  iheartglasses  |  0

I dont care to have a dumb firefighter on my arm ;) As long as they are the real deal and not one of those fat old volunteer type. Or a doctor. Scrubs can be cute too. Or a cute police officer or.... Ah, Im a sucker for uniforms lol But Ill just stick with my cute Asian boyfriend :) Sex shops have outfits for guys, dont they? Just kidding hehe


we fat volunteer types risk our lives everyday without compensation and I take offense to that I have lost a lot of volunteer brothers due to line of duty deaths so think about what you say before you need one of us fat volunteer types that aren't the real deal. we all have the same exact training as the paid guys except they clearly are paid.

  teddygraham1  |  1

23- I think she meant it in a more sexual way... but I can also see how it would seem offensive towards you and other volunteers. I appreciate you doing what you do though. most people wouldn't volunteer to risk their lives. thank you.

  ruby84  |  1

23- if you're as good as them & get the same physical training, why are they so hot when you're not? and why aren't you getting paid? I mean if you're as qualified then why aren't you hired? so how do you make a living?

I thank you for volunteering on behalf of my fellow humans. I would appreciate you saving my life any day. I respect you but I would not sleep with you. (I think that's what she meant)

  frankel10  |  0

I Just put out a fire today. I'm a volunteer. I do it for the fun and to help my community. and most volunteers have real jobs. you don't have shifts in a volunteer department. so you have your own life. but when my pager goes off I can go to the situation. myself, I'm twenty and go to school full time and work as a pharmacy technician. so us volunteers have our own lives. =]