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Today, my dad offered to pay me $40 to wash his car. Needing money to buy a video game, I agreed, and went out in the freezing weather to do the job. I finished the task, only to be paid in Monopoly money. My dad still hasn't gotten over how "funny" his prank was. FML
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Troll dad! Next time, make sure he pays you before hand. Plus, you should have figured there was a catch when he offered you 40 bucks just to wash his car.


What's ****** up is your identification name. What are you, born on the 24th of May, 1990?

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14 - I don't think you should be one to be criticizing...your name isn't as cool as unicorn shit either.

Unicorn shit is still shit :P Albeit, I concede my comment was harsh. It's just that his username reminds me of spammers on RuneScape that are trying to advertise gold (in game currency) for actual money.

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Unicorn shit is not just shit. It's ******* unicorn shit. Have you ever witnessed a unicorn ********? ******* pure gold. That is all.

Now what would be funny is if someone's username is Unicorn Shit.

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14 - No, she was the 1,990,245th baby born after the resignation of Nixon. Duh.

20- never admit that you play a game like run escape on the Internet, ever!

Pure gold, damn.. All my unicorn ever shit out was diamonds. Anyway, OP, park it under a really big tree that birds flock in, if you can find one. You both win.

64- thou hath been beaten to the punch.

26 - RuneScape is a great game that I thoroughly enjoyed playing. There! I said it!

39 - First comment ever. I knew someone was gonna make a new profile. So congrats on being the first one to it... I guess.

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39 - I applaud you for creating an account specifically for this pupose. Well done, and a million internets for you! :D

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Purpose*. Again, I am cursed by the inability to edit comments on the Android app. Oh well.

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I would've taken his car to a wash-n-go for 6 bucks and make a $34 profit! But at least it builds character.. Yeah never mind.

But as it 'twas revealed, you wouldn't have made a profit; as OP was paid in Monopoly money.

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Ah right, lol forgot about that when I wrote my comment. Thanks, haha.

Offer to wash his car another day and throw hot water on the windshield

Try hot glue. Or lava. If you can get lava, do that.

I don't know if you're joking or not, but hot water would crack and/or shatter a frozen windshield.

Easy, just find a volcano and iron bucket :3

No no no... You have it all wrong. You're supposed to use steel wool so you can really scrub the dirt off. It works excellent.

Sorry, 37. Minecraft jokes aren't appreciated here that much, if at all.

65 - Speak (type? Lol) for yourself please.

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#36 - Aye, hot water would indeed crack/shatter a frozen windshield....indeed exactly the point commenter was making.

Just run water over Theodore to freeze them shut lol

Troll dad! Next time, make sure he pays you before hand. Plus, you should have figured there was a catch when he offered you 40 bucks just to wash his car.

Glad I wasn't the only one who pictured a troll dad prancing away lol

A catch? You mean besides washing a car in freezing cold weather?

58, that much money for washing a car is silly! No matter what the weather's like. At least OP knows next time!

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@67 - Actually, it sounds reasonable to me. Depending on the car, washing it by hand can take a couple hours, and doing so in cold weather is extremely unpleasant since you'll be in contact with cold water the entire time.

91 why would anyone pay $40 for someone to wash their car when you can go to a carwash and spend less than $20 to get it done? OP should've known something was up.

Well, financially speaking, that was a bad deal for the dad. However, assuming he hasn't been a troll, most parents like to pay their kids to do jobs around the house, because it gets them prepared for what the worlds like.

111 parents sometimes pay over the odds for their kids to do something so that they are helping them financially without just giving them money, seems pretty reasonable to me, especially when they would have known about the video game OP wanted

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Just wait until you put a hotel on Mayfair. Then you'll be the one who has the last laugh.

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Simply dirty it up again. Through a little dirt. Some leaves on top of the driver seat, whip cream on the wheel. Spit on the hood (believe it or not it leaves a white stain, almost like bird poop). Just dirty the thing up, as long as you don't break anything.

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Throw* I meant Throw. Sorry. There's no getting by that one, honest mistake. :X

Been there, done that. Officer Barbrady: There's nothing to see here folks, just keep it moving.

Realize that it's still the parent, and while the Dad pulled a prank, it's not a two way street. Doing what you suggested would probably result in punishment.

If OP and his dad have a strong relationship, and they're both mature about it, back and forth pranking can actually be a lot of fun.

30- just because OP is the child, does not give his dad the right to be such a dick and be able to get away with it. If OP's dad can't handle a dose of what he's giving out, he should have grown up and not pulled that shit.

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I guess someone won't be buying Black Ops 2 on release day.

No it's probably for Assassin's Creed 3, or one of the two newest pokemon games.

I love the fact that we are all arguing about what game he wants to buy.

Guys please, he is obviously buying FarmVille 2.

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Just dirty it up again. He went back on his end of the deal, so you can go back on yours.