Logical fallacy

By Danny - 11/11/2012 05:05 - United States - Salt Lake City

Today, I was renovating the house, and my girlfriend asked, "Do you use electrical tape on electrical stuff?" Not knowing where she was going with this, I just gave her a puzzled look. She continued by saying, "Because it's not like people use duck tape on ducks." FML
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alexhaz64 4

Wait, you're NOT supposed to use duct tape on ducks???


alexhaz64 4

Wait, you're NOT supposed to use duct tape on ducks???

jesscarrr 10

9- I don't quite know what to make of your comment. You seem to have some experience with duct taping ducks..

jesscarrr 10

I think op needs to wake up at the quack of dawn and take his girlfriend to the Ducktor. The bill may be high but he really needs to quack open this case. But make sure you check the feather forecast before you leave home!

Only use Duck Brand, Duct tape on ducks.

45- what is that kinda sentence called?

Knightchaser27 25


I guess thay means both of us use it wrong...

Oh man! I thought duck tape were for ducks

It's not FOR ducks. It's MADE of ducks.

87- you fail at life. Go duct tape your brain in hopes of fixing it.

toughchick14 15

Lol no way!!!

free2speak 14

106, that makes no sense. If you're going to bash somebody, at least be witty about it. -1 for you.

bigdonnie624 15

Damn I've been using it wrong

118, it made perfect sense. Duct tape fixes everything, don'cha know?

You're supposed to wrap hamsters in electric tape.

chell1894 13

When I was little I thought it was called duck tape. But this is when I was 6..

decidedlyvague 11

Duck tape is specifically for ducks. Duct tape is specifically for shutting people up. Duh.

Maybe it's made BY ducks O_o

annerz374 6


Arf! Arf! (Now a question... Am I a dog? Or a seal?)

Kallian_fml 21

Cockle doodle doo!

Inheritance 10


Hee-haw hee-haw. I'm such an ass.

Shut up guys.

Oh, stop PMSing and have some fun. Neeeeeeigh. :3

It's just a space duck. What a majestic creature. If you don't get this reference, just move on.

Gobble gobble. Glad I had one if those spinning toys as a kid that made farm animal sounds.

Holyshihtzus 7


This isn't really an FML...

Wait... What sound does a honey badger make? Ahh who gives a shit.. Honey badger doesn't give a shit...

you_failed 15




xblair 11

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Ok, it's duct tape not "duck" tape so no, she doesn't.

FYLDeep 25

Duck tape is the brand name duct tape. It has pictures of ducks on the inside cardboard... It what upper class people use for jury rigging things.

She's right, you're supposed to use duct tape on air ducts.

FYLDeep 25

#22 Haha, no.

Actually, 22, duct tape is and always has been multipurpose. There is no 'one' use for it. It has been used to make clothes and shoes, seal cords and wires to protect from corrosion, and was actually used in the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge. If you don't believe me, feel free to look it up.

Woah, on the bridge? Damn I didn't know that. Learn something new everyday I guess. Although I'm going to feel unsafe when I cross that bridge now...

toenibbler 14

The woman went full idiot.

It's full retard, not idiot, idiot. ;)

Don't forget it is also used on planes, commercial jets and military jets for temporary fixes.

Well I use duck tape on ducts

xblair 11

17- But I was being sarcastic. :(

17 - The name "duck" tape actually predates "duct" tape. Look it up.

I read somewhere that a girl made a duct tape prom dress. Duct tape has infinitely many uses...

115 Mythbusters made a boat entirely out of duck tape. (Sorry but I will only use the original name.)

Actually, no, not just. The original use was indeed "Duck tape". Etymologically "duck" here is a Dutch word meaning "canvas". The reason for this being that a canvas-like substance was used to wrap cables and wires to protect them from weathering and corrosion. Modern duct tape more or less evolved from that.

clumsydude 10

they also made a duct tape bridge on mythbusters and they were able to walk across it.

#21 & #25 - Duck tape was, indeed, originally called just that, but it took up the name of 'Duct tape' early on because of its use on air ducts (quite plainly). However, despite this fact, it was always intended to be a multi-purpose material, and still is used for just that. Most brands took to calling it duct tape still, although there are a few brands who call it duck tape, with, as you mentioned, sucks on the cover. Your other statement about jury rigging (whatever that is), however, was incorrect. As I mentioned earlier, duck tape is multi-purposeful. I don't even know what 'jury rigging' is, but hey, maybe that is ONE of duck tape's many purposes. My best friend an many of my other friends made duck tape wallets. My other friend made (perfectly fitting, perfectly shaped) duck tape flip-flops. Yet another friend still made a duck tape trench coat (which is, amazingly, so perfectly tailored that, despite its building material, looks just like an actual trench coat, down to the pockets and the collar) with a matching top hat (again, perfectly tailored). The sky is the limit with this stuff, believe me.

#83 - I'm sorry, but that was a failed attemp at sarcasm if I've ever seen one.$9

#172 he meant Jerry rigging, which is essentially a temporary fix. i.e. patching a hole in a plane so you can make it back to make actual repairs.

Actually it is Jury rig

Just call it zebra tape from now on

She is not the brightest spark, is she?

She's a girl not a spark you anti-feminist jerk!

Ok 37 let's calm down it was just an expression do you want some midol and chocolate?

I dont know how that comment was anti-feminist!? I am a girl for your information so why would I want to say something sexist or 'anti-feminist'?

50, 37 is probably getting high waiting for pizza. So don't mind the random wierd comments just laugh. :D

I feel as if 37 was joking

37- your troll is bad and you should feel bad.

Aww 90 did your mom do that to you as a baby?

Not in russia. In Soviet Russia baby throws you.

this is an awful thread

A troll that gets thumbsed down 50 times is not a bad troll! :) I take pride in 50 ppl going "what an f&$& retard!"

That wasn't even worthy of being labled a troll. That was just being a dumbass. Do learn the difference.

So, 126, if 50 people thumb you down, you'll be proud of the fact that they think you're a retard?

Bliss391 7

Well it DUCT tape, not DUCK tape....

The original name was actually duck tape. It was created for military use and called so because it was waterproof, similar to ducks.

I did not know this! I have learned something new today! On FML of all places!~

FYLDeep 25

I think it's also illegal to use duct tape on ducts in most cases. You're supposed to use that really expensive aluminum tape. (It's smooth and has a bright sliver color.)

Bliss391 7

Hmmm, well thanks for the lesson! Learn something new every day !

So why did they change the name to duct tape, then?

beastiness 14

There are several names for it duct tape, duck tape, 100mph tape ( idk where the last one came from ) but I believe duck tape is just a brand of duct tape

Do you only use making tape in your masks? Our scotch tape on Scottish people? Electrical tape seems to be the only appropriately named tape.

Discounting duct tape which is actually used on *gasp* ducts.

AACCCCCCCtually, Duct tape doesn't work on air ducts. The heat breaks it down and it disintegrates. The more you know.

FYLDeep 25

#8 Nope, not really. Duct tape is actually pretty shitty for ductwork. It's simply not made for the heat.

What about painters' tape?

xXxIracebethxXx 14

70 - What about it? Obviously you use painters' tape on painters.

You use electrical tape on electrical stuff; you use painters' tape on painters' stuff.

And THIS is the reason why I don't see this as much of an FML. Yes it's "duct" not "duck," but her point is still made: 'Other tapes have names that don't denote their use; is "electrical tape" one of them?' That's all she was asking.

70- Painter's Tape* not Painters' Tape. It's tape a painter uses, not tape to use on several painters.

I hope she's really really pretty.

And great in bed!

it SOUNDS like she is pretty.

wannabemom 5

Well she's not the sharpest crayon in the box... Maybe her looks make up for it?

NagainaFier 16

Because looks are the only important part, even if your 'partner' has a lower IQ than that of a squirrel.

36 I wasn't aware crayons lit up! :O

SenselessPattern 12

Since crayons aren't sharp, she must be fine then.

simplylost643 0

#26- They're not saying it's the only important part, but to quote Mary Poppins, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down."

Unless she's diabetic.

cicpjaky 6

Why was she even able to ask you this question, if she's in the kitchen? (presuming you're not renovating the kitchen)

I haven't seen a kitchen joke for a while. They've never been funny! What a douchebag!

Weak. (no exceptions here; your comment was weak all around)

Not only is the joke tired and stupid to begin with, you ruined it further with your last sentence.