By hiker - 29/03/2011 19:00 - United States

Today, my dad said that if I walked home from school, a distance of 8 miles, he would give me $50. Two hours and four massive blisters later, I come home. When I asked for my money, he said "I was kidding." FML
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dum_dum1 0

you should have just caught a ride with some friends and had them drop you off down the road. work smarter not harder. dumbass!!

If only every American would do this, mabey we could decrease our nation's obesity.


mini3fingers2 0

first.. I think haha

SmallyBigs 9


just walk it off, it'll be fine

chester75 5

lol it seems something my mom would do. when a deal seems too good to be true then probably is.

DanielleWolf 0

It doesn't take 2 hours to walk 8 miles... :P

chester75 5

actually it does for most people 15 min per mile

joa76 3

distance=rate x time 8 miles/2 hours = 4 miles per hour average walking speed = 3-3.5 mph, which is LESS than 4 mph So OP was actually walking FASTER than average. At 3 mph, 8 miles would take about 2 hours 40 min.

That must be the average walking speed of Americans. It's fucking slow!

262 he could of jogged some of the way. I mean this dude is lazy if he just walked there. anyway it's still winter so that might of warmed him up. I'm proud to be an American foreign dude, just don't compare me with the op or 262.

If the OP was coming home from school it probably means they were carrying a backpack and possibly some other things. They probably didn't want to run because that's usually a lot of weight to jog with if you aren't used to it. I don't know what it's like in the OP's area but where I live it's actually been pretty warm the last couple of weeks. We did have a couple of snow showers but nothing major so spring is definitely here.

well 347 stll I play football and go to highscool. the football equipment is just as heavy as my backpack. and look how many people run in those during fall

You and all of those people train to get on the football team and to be able to run around in all that equipment. I specifically said "if you aren't used to it. " therefore your point is moot.

joseph42424233 0


the funniest part of this is that ops dad doesn't have balls.

I think this one is bull shit...

I think this one is bull shit...

_MannyxAmbition 0

Your comment : Sucks for yaa.

alexavb15 4


LOL id snap 2 Hours? for $50? Now you know not to trust him at least april fools is right around the corner:)

clarissa_Gyall 0

#12 LOL SMH love your "hair"

MyChemical_fml 0

BLACK THREAD!! Been a while since I've seen one of these! Let the racism commence! :D

ShannonBitt 29

That's $25/hour. That would be a pretty good deal, considering that is way above minimum wage.

Haha wooow! maybe you should work on being less gullible!

JtownDude 0

dumb ass

Zoydude 0

Bring socks next time

dum_dum1 0

you should have just caught a ride with some friends and had them drop you off down the road. work smarter not harder. dumbass!!

That's actually a genius idea...

TraceCase_ 19

not so dum after all!

dad wins. ydi for being so gullible

ivanoff 0

wonder what you would do for 100$?

lose 10 pounds

LSU33DucKAholiC 0