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Go directly to jail Do Not Pass Go Do Not collect $200!!

haha how did that happen??


haha how did that happen??

Run with the groceries!

1 - You sound very much like the culprit.

All you need now is a get out of jail free card

Children these days... And the sad thing was, you were buying groceries for them, so they could eat.

Buy some hotels.

Anyone seen the monopoly "African American" edition ? Every square is "go to jail" hehe so true IMO

Make sure you got the right change

44- You racist bastard! That's so incredibly rude! And OP, it was most likely a cold prank! FYL But I hope you have laughs about it later. :)

Why are we not looking at the bigger picture here? Why is OP buying groceries instead of Boardwalk?!

OP just passed Go and collected $200, so gotta wait to circle the board again.

well? did they accept it?

They probably didnt.. But at least OP had his mini metal getaway car :)

OP should take the groceries and run. Then when the cops show up to arrest him, flash the "Get out of Jail FREE" card. It's bulletproof!

It's fine to spend it OP, because when you pass go you can get some more groceries.

Haha sorry FYL how did that happen??

Well, hey, at least OP can use the money to cheat on the next monopoly game. :P

lol that is hilarious!!! but sorry fyl

a great idea for April Fools Day!!

LOL. but op could use debit or credit cards

Go directly to jail Do Not Pass Go Do Not collect $200!!

do you have children ? :p

No, definitely, it was his wife or, probably, magic

had they offered pepsi as a substitute for coke

Hmm I don't think that's the problem here re read the post

No, it's a joke from some comedian. "Can I get a Coke?" "Is Pepsi okay?" "Is monopoly money okay?" *rimshot*

That's the thing I don't understand pepsi is better...

That's the thing I don't understand, it is personal opinion.

I think soda sucks period. Yum, water.

I think soda sucks period. Yum, water.

I think soda sucks period. Yum, water.

was the little metal iron in there too?

Probably not. If anything it was the pot with the cash.

No it was the car duh

You still should of paid and said you the monopoly guy.

Probably could have bought boardwalk with a wallet full. Add a hotel. Done