By JordanAfml - United States - Lake Havasu City
Today, I found my cat who's been missing for three days, sitting inside my neighbor's window. He won't answer the door. FML
JordanAfml tells us more :
OP here. My cat is an indoor cat, we rescued her when she was 2 months old and she never left the house in the last 3 years. My dog popped a corner of the screen out of one of my windows and that's how my cat got outside. We went to all of our nearby neighbors asking them to keep an eye out for her, and the particular person who has my cat hates my husband. We thought it was strange he was being so nice and friendly towards us the first day, and now we know why.
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@28 Hmm, I've lost two cats this way. The first because she became friends with a neighbor's old dog. When they moved they took my cat to keep him company. The second was because the parents didn't want to tell their kid no and I'm a sucker for cute kids. To make it worse if the parents had asked I knew someone looking for homes for baby cats.

  PANDORUM89  |  21

first wtf is wrong with people? you can't just take someone's pet. that's stealing. second all OP has to do is show the police photos of the cat, or any vet records, adoption papers and they get the cat back. I'd charges for stealing just because I'm mean and people should use some damn common sense.

By  qdawg06  |  23

The real question is whether or not the cat would come back home if he was free to go.