By Anonymous / Friday 1 July 2011 01:27 / United States
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  FreshSalad  |  1

I'm going to get thumbed down for this but "Run, Forrest, Run" is probably the most obnoxious thing a runner, myself included, hears. Thanks for referencing a movie about a semi-retarded man running while I run and stay healthy and you sit in your huge ass car. Done raging...

  shovels  |  0

18, calm down, it's one of the best movies in history. It might be about a "semi-retarded" man, but apparently he became a billionaire, was a war hero, ran around the country, etc. Don't worry, no one would ever compare you to a movie character as awesome as FORREST GUMP!

  chili10  |  18

18, there are just some things to expect as a runner: dogs chasing you, rude remarks from perverts driving by... if you don't want to hear it, run with an IPod. simple solution.

  chili10  |  18

I was on varsity cross country and depending on the day we could do as much as 12 miles. it's not fun to have to walk or run extra miles after a long run... but then again op might be jv and they only do like 6 miles at the most.