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Today, my dad forgot me at cross country practice. When he got there two hours late, instead of apologizing, he said, "Hey, that's only the third time I've forgotten you at practice. You should be congratulating me." FML
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If you're a cross country runner, just be like Forrest and take your practice home! Run Forrest, Run!

Don't listen to anyone saying "run home". Grow some wings and fly home.


If you're a cross country runner, just be like Forrest and take your practice home! Run Forrest, Run!

Yea! Put those running legs to use!

ya race home to your "jenny". (proceeds to shut door and masterbate)

I'm going to get thumbed down for this but "Run, Forrest, Run" is probably the most obnoxious thing a runner, myself included, hears. Thanks for referencing a movie about a semi-retarded man running while I run and stay healthy and you sit in your huge ass car. Done raging...

How was it an insult when the comparison made is that Forrest literally ran across the country? Take your rage elsewhere, it doesn't fit here. Also, my car is tiny.

18, calm down, it's one of the best movies in history. It might be about a "semi-retarded" man, but apparently he became a billionaire, was a war hero, ran around the country, etc. Don't worry, no one would ever compare you to a movie character as awesome as FORREST GUMP!

lol and he still did better at life than you. quit bitchin.

Forrest Gump may have been a ra-tard, but he was also Tom Hanks. Let's show some respect you son of a bitch

18, there are just some things to expect as a runner: dogs chasing you, rude remarks from perverts driving by... if you don't want to hear it, run with an IPod. simple solution.

An A-class first comment. Bravo, bravo.

he's obvoisly disappointed because anyone who runs cross cuntry is a pus. so he knows he fathered a pus

I'm on cross country too and that's what I would have done. :)

Be sure to only run home if you're wearing your 'magic shoes'.

8, my mom's name is Jenny O.O

trust me after a cross country practice you don't have the energy to run back home

YDI for not having a sense of humor...jeez. if your life is fucked because your dad forgot to pick you up, you must have a pretty easy life...

ha thats something my dad would do! just walk or take the bus and when he gets there he'll prob freak out or somethinn.

Lol That's something that I do sometimes to get outta trouble of lighten the mood.

My dad would've been all "you're in cross country, run home!"

run home dude, I've done it from my school PT is fun USMC 4ever

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You play to much Grand theif Auto

I'f you run that much in cross-country might as well run home!

That's extra running. You have to consider how much running they do at the practice, PLUS running home.

I was on varsity cross country and depending on the day we could do as much as 12 miles. it's not fun to have to walk or run extra miles after a long run... but then again op might be jv and they only do like 6 miles at the most.

Don't listen to anyone saying "run home". Grow some wings and fly home.

but first drink some red bull

or kill an eagle and steal it's soul

Invest in some Heely's.

LMFAO. You must be a Zebra!!

Er...I don't see the correlation between a Zebra and the FML....

lmfao that's awesome!!!!

does he get an award

why didn't you run home?