By gayvsgay - Germany - V?lklingen
Today, my dad posted on Facebook, apologizing to anyone he'd texted the night before. He said he'd gotten wasted and didn't mean anything he said. So much for that first ever "I'm proud of you" then. FML
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By  aliciousness116  |  16

Sometimes, parents use silence as a tool to motivate their kids or it's just their pride they can't swallow. It doesn't mean they're not proud of their kids. Don't let this ruin your mood. He'll always be proud of you.

By  OptimusSlime  |  23

Maybe he was talking generally, like he said a ton of mean things and you were an exception. It's easier to say "sorry for what I said last night" than it is to say "sorry for everything I said last night, except for when I said I'm proud of you"

By  booze_n_bitches  |  35

Lots of people need to lose their inhibitions before they can say what they really mean. Sounded like a lovely drunk sentiment from your old man, don't let his generalising public Facebook status take that away :)