By Anonymous - United States
Today, after soccer practice I was looking for my dad. Last night he was an hour late, so I was pretty pissed. When I spotted him, I saw him flirting with a much younger woman. I then tried throwing my soccer ball to his feet, but ended up slamming his head. Only to find out he wasn't my dad. FML
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  joeinthedark  |  18

I hope that's a mis-type. Otherwise you're adding a whole new dimension to this FML. What does being Jewish have to do with throwing a ball at a stranger's head?

  Addi123  |  0

Hey bastard, douche has an e and the "your" after because should be you're. Maybe you should learn proper grammar before trying to teach others. You just look like an idiot Now :P

  marinus_fml  |  19

What makes you think I play rugby you stalker? Haha, well there are a lot of set moves that must be practiced and perfected as a team. Where as in soccer everyone could quite easily practice on their own or maybe with a sibling. Just practice your kicking and accuracy etc.

I'm just stirring you don't worry! I actually used to play soccer! Great game! But I think my point is still valid :)

  TaylorTotsYumm  |  10

Haha, I know you play rugby, since there have been many debates about American football vs. rugby, and you're always arguing about rugby.
There are these things called set pieces which you must practice to get right in football. Also, practicing on your own, or with a friend, does not compare to practicing with a team. There's a lot more to football than you think.
Mini debate thing over now?

  todo350  |  0

marinus, i prefer rugby league my self, but obviously in soccer you have to practice team plays and whatnot, and training as a team also makes you more co-ordinated in game.

Go the Sea Eagles! ^^

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

Are you sure he didn't have a valid reason for being late?
Also, why would you throw the ball at someone anyway (irrespective of where)? It's rude regardless of whether or not it's your dad. There are better and more constructive ways of letting someone know you're cross with them that don't involve throwing things or violence.

  TaylorTotsYumm  |  10

What did Cinn ever do to you to make you pricks so bitter. She makes valid and wonderful points in every comment she posts. If you don't like her comments, you can avert your eyes, and keep your dim-witted thoughts to yourselves.