By Whiteheads - 26/08/2015 04:33 - United States - Beaumont

Today, I've reached the point in my life where the "Apply to affected area" label on acne cream essentially means I need to take a bath in the stuff. FML
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OP here, I made an account to reply. To clarify a bit, I'm 19, so I've been dealing with acne for a while and have my face pretty well under control. I said I need to take a bath in acne cream because it's mostly my shoulders and back, and no amount of washing and scrubbing seems to help. Thanks for the funny comments and advice :)

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Are you a teenager? If so that's completely normal so I wouldn't worry about it

MrLufthansa 14

Its a stage in life. It will be over soon.


Are you a teenager? If so that's completely normal so I wouldn't worry about it

MrLufthansa 14

Its a stage in life. It will be over soon.

Not necessarily. I am 26 but still have it every now and then. Not as bad as it used to be just a few

I'm 21 and I have severe cystic acne on my face. It's not the same for everyone.

When I was teenager, I had the most beautiful, porcelain skin you've ever seen. Now that I'm nearly thirty, I have to use an acne wash daily to prevent breakouts and every now and then I still get pimples. It's different for everyone. Hopefully I won't be plagued with wrinkly skin AND pimples in my golden years.

try washing your face with just regular bar soap. see if that helps

You've never had severe long-term acne before, have you...

I have been washing my face with soap for years, and still have acne. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be a dirty person to get acne.

That sucks. I'm sorry): Hopefully it's just teenage hormones!! It will be over soon):

The best ache cream in the world is the Indian Healing Clay. You can buy it off of amazon and use it nightly, it's guaranteed to make it go away, just look at the reviews. My boyfriend uses it and it works WONDERS! It's cheap too! $8 for a pound of it, best of luck OP!

Hey, if something works, shouldn't you let people know about it, 12? Ache sucks, I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

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Oh wow, I just realized I spelt acne wrong on both comments. That's embarrassing, sorry FML community!

JustinJK 21

Nothing worked for me. I tried everything from prescription creams to herbal/natural remedies. the only thing that worked for my severe cystic acne was Accutane. I did everything. I changed my diet. all that.

Haha, 33, I reread it and can see exactly what you mean. Changing the tone, it sounds exactly like a TV ad...

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I could basically play join the dots with the spots on my face so I know how you feel. It'll get better. ??

cooltatgar 31

Oh my The worst are the areas that you can't reach. Asking someone else to apply it just feels degrading. Wish you a full recovery OP.

If it's that bad I recommend going to a dermatologist if you haven't already!