By Anonymous - 10/12/2010 21:59 - New Zealand

Today, my dad came up behind me with a pair of scissors, and pretended to snip away at my hair. I was sure he was joking, so I just sat there and didn't react. Later, I felt the back of my head and looked at my hand. Suffice it to say, I now have a large bald patch on the back of my head. FML
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Do the same to him. Unless he's bald. Then you should draw on his head.


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hahaha, FAIL, think more the next time... FYL and YDI

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Today, I was born with a small bald spot on the back of my head. fml Seriously but it's hardly noticeable, at least everything else is perfect.

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if that was his way of telling you you need to get a haircut then that was hella funny

its beggining to look a lot like CHRISTMAS <3 :D

okay I get that you touched it but what's with looking at your hand? like why is that there? 'oh I just touched my head and I feel bald where my dad cut my hair but let me look at my hand to see if it ate it or something'.

She probably pulled at her hair slightly, and therefore was checking to see if any large amounts of hair fell off. Obviously it did.

Looool that was actually pretty funny, 106. I thought the same thing.. Anyways, in relation to the actual FML, why don't you just put your hair in a pony tail or something to cover it up.. Unless it's a massive bald spot, then you're out of luck. YDI anyways.. Why would you trust anyone behind you with scissors.

Shave figures in his hair, like a skull or something

47- You are sick minded. Why would you shave his balls too?!

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You are the Sicko 47!! all he said is he would do more than that. Perople are so stupid now a ays!!

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I would have to agree with 73 about the stupidity of 67

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lol 47 and 67 have funny pictures

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What are you talking about 75? Perople really are stupid now a ays.

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haha. why are people so aggressive?!? why cant we all be firends. haha

then write "penis" on his bald head with a bold sharpie

Shave half of his eyebrows off and cut his eye lashes and shave his head.

Do the same to him. Unless he's bald. Then you should draw on his head.

This. And if he's bold, make sure to draw it on a place he can't see when he's looking in the mirror! And draw/write something offensive, so he'll get yelled at all day :')

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draw a penis on the back of his head :)

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he cut it off so he could keep you with him forever

your picture Is funny but sick. why were you dressed up as that?!

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thats not actually him/her/shim/she/she-male etc

Justin beiber !!! oh my gawddddd! ( screams like a little girl)

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stop pestering her! she's obviously trying to make more unmanly songs

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Haha, wow that sucks. What was it reason?

He really cut it close, pulling a prank like that. You might have caught him before he finished!

he told you you to cut the hair you damn hippy! actually your dad was just jealous because he has a bald spot.

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That's a messed up dad you have.

you should shave his head and his eyebrows