By Anonymous - New Zealand
Today, my dad came up behind me with a pair of scissors, and pretended to snip away at my hair. I was sure he was joking, so I just sat there and didn't react. Later, I felt the back of my head and looked at my hand. Suffice it to say, I now have a large bald patch on the back of my head. FML
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  mamamiaaa_fml  |  12

okay I get that you touched it but what's with looking at your hand? like why is that there? 'oh I just touched my head and I feel bald where my dad cut my hair but let me look at my hand to see if it ate it or something'.

  EprahsHteb  |  2

Looool that was actually pretty funny, 106. I thought the same thing.. Anyways, in relation to the actual FML, why don't you just put your hair in a pony tail or something to cover it up.. Unless it's a massive bald spot, then you're out of luck. YDI anyways.. Why would you trust anyone behind you with scissors.

  Doortje  |  29

This. And if he's bold, make sure to draw it on a place he can't see when he's looking in the mirror! And draw/write something offensive, so he'll get yelled at all day :')