By notquitejuliet - 04/07/2015 00:54 - United States - Gibsonia

Today, I decided I wanted to bleach my hair, so I asked my mother for help. Apparently, something went wrong, because clumps of my hair started falling out. Now I'm half blonde and half bald, and my mom is just laughing at me. FML
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larrena2377 26

Sounds like it's time to shave your head and start over


larrena2377 26

Sounds like it's time to shave your head and start over

Uhm no, not completely.. but I think you left the bleach on too long my love. What colour did you start from? Rock the "miley cyrus", or "ruby rose" do until it grows out. it's edgy, and fun.

You never know maybe she gotta cool skrillex thing going on...

Business on the side, party on the, err.. Other side.

lexiieeex3 32

Not so much of a "party in the back" there...

Now you can shave it all off and start collecting wigs!

lol, most mothers would laugh at you.

why did you, #5, and #6 get negative votes?? shit was hilarious!

No need to get all wigged out about it.

A07 48

Now that's a picture to show to the grandkids!

ydi for not going to a professional for something like this.

I agree with you, bleaching your hair is so bad for your hair and it can make it very brittle, especially when not treated with the proper stuff afterwards. There are certain hair things you can do at home like cutting it and dyeing it, but stuff like ombre and bleaching can be too tricky to be done at home without things of research, and even then, professionals know best because they have been trained for this. Sorry OP, FYL for your hair falling out but YDI for not going to a professional like #7 said. Maybe you can try on some wigs until it grows back?

I agree. I've seen a woman at my salon who this happened too. You NEVER bleach your own hair. YDI

trellz17 19

I don't think she deserves to have her hair fall out. That's just me though.

Myself and some family members have bleached our own hair before. She doesn't deserve to have her hair fall out because she didn't want to go to a salon.

I bleach my own hair, and it comes out beautifully. Some people are ignorant on the subject, it doesn't mean they deserve losing their hair. Some people can't afford the salon, or don't want to pay the expenses.

ChopSuey444 20

My sister and I both bleach our own hair quite often. Its not a ydi for not going to a salon, but it IS a ydi for not being more educated before doing it. Obviously one or the other didn't comprehend the strength of the product.

I've bleached my hair myself several times, I've just done research and actually read the instructions. OP must've put it too close to their scalp early on and used a very strong product. You're supposed to do it in stages but I never did as I got scared at the point when it went orange and wanted it blonde asap, maybe OP did the same but left it way too long. Still doesn't deserve their hair falling out.

GoddessGlitter 13

getting your hair bleached at a salon is overly expensive. $70, like I can buy the bleach the developer and other hair care products to protect and take my care of my hair with that amount of money. I don't think anybody deserves losing their hair for not doing it professionally??

I agree, salons charge way to much for bleaching. I used to go to get it done but then learnt how to do it myself and have never had an issue. Sometimes crap happens. Even in salons. They used to make me sign a waiver stating that they weren't at fault if my hair fell out.

I can bleach my own hair now, but this was after a while of practice. First time, I went to a salon. Got it professionally done, end of story. Second time I bought GOOD products (cheap bleach is a no no) and I tested it on a small area of hair before I did the rest.

Yeah but you can always invest in a good product , and make sure you have a clue as to what you're doing

_awwhellnaw_ 45

I know wigs are expensive and good ones are hard to find, so I hope it turns out alright. Good luck OP. Sorry you got into this situation.

Time to hold her down and shave chunks out onmmf your mother's head while she sleeps as payback for laughing at herself for ruining your hair.