By Anonymous - United Kingdom
Today, my girlfriend dumped me because I didn't attend her dog's funeral, and was therefore an insensitive bastard. I couldn't attend because my mum has cancer and I was driving her to a hospital appointment. FML
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  Mubus  |  0

Totally agree with #3. Actually this is first time I felt bad for someone on this site but OP if she was my GF, I would say good riddance. Sorry about your mom man and she gets cured.


52- I find your comments equally amusing. I'm going to message you.

60- My feeling exactly. I have felt bad for OPs before but this FML is just horrible. People have the audacity...

66- Thank you :)

  gooBUZZ  |  0

How wud we b dooms if u can stil understnd wat it is thts bein said?

I also agree, it is annoying when people correct tiny mistakes, but yes otherwise everyone would spell bad, like I did above. ^.