By Anonymous - 12/12/2010 06:08 - United States

Today, my boyfriend of almost two years proposed to me. Everything was perfect. The ring was beautiful. And seconds after I said yes, he went to play his new Xbox game. FML
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bobsanction 18

Oh boo ******* hoo. He obviously loves you enough to propose. Quit being a selfish bitch.


pwincessa23 1

yes ur life sux. boo hoo. if u can't beat em join em. I play mw2 with my bf. I hated it. black ops is ok except for nuketown. I love zombies though. hahaha at least he proposes. congratz!

pwincessa23 1

the map is really small. Idk. I just don't like it.

I'm impressed #9. You said you hated it so I'm assuming you like it now. Personally I hate the franchise, it won't die. :'((

pwincessa23 1

yes I hated it but I think it's because I didn't know how yo play. I couldn't even walk straight. too bad it got hacked & he lost all titles $ emblems. his stats are -666. I like playing now but I do think they should chill out with all the games coming out. they have at least one every year. I love little big planet!!

Cheekylozza 3

well what is he meant to do after proposing to you?

thrAsHeRr9081 16

Hahaha my Boyfriend of a year and a half met over two years ago on xbl. :)

I play COD all the time with my bf :) And nuketown is the worst map in that game in my opininion. it has enough space for like 3v3 but anymore people than that and it's too crowded.

rallets 22

nuketown is intense. noone can stay alive too long

^indeed it's one of the best maps there are.

No one ******* cares if you play cod with your boyfriend. It's always the same people, shut up already. oh and OMG MASS EFFECT 3!!!!!!!

doctor_itsmylife 3

He went to the next level with you, so why wouldn't he go to the next level on his xbox game?

As long as he was playing hardcore search there's no FML here.

94- You must care if you took the time to comment on it.

nuketown is beast AF.. every life i end up getting a 10 or more streak by camping at the big houses at either end of the map :D

I agree with you. what a stupid fml, if he is proposing to you, you've been together long enough to know he's a gamer. I love playing all games with my bf. if you hate him playing games now, don't accept his proposal - he won't stop gaming...

ispitflames 3

****** a fml is being a bitch

pwincessa23 1

even if ur playing hardcore on nuketown it gets too crrowded.

I would hacker pro past your claymore and ballistic knife you into spawn kill hell.

lexi365 20

Citrus Girl, me too. and nuketown is fun when you get the attack helicopter haha. Yeah me and my boyfriend play xbox sometimes :)

girls need to learn how to play real videogames. imm. a girl and I love video games I always play mortal combat and black ops with my cuzins

Haha well congrats!! I actually met my ex indirectly through x box live (long story don't ask)

@#107...And it's corner camping idiots like you which make people hate the game.

Get with the times. Everybody is playing Black Ops now.

Halo is better than COD for sure! Why? One word: Forge.

Halo all the way, everytime I kill I ****** ;)

black ops is retarded. Halo is the shit. has a bomb ass story and it looks beautiful

Mass Effect franchise owns COD and Halo!!!

Props Brootal, you tell them how it is!!!

ispitflames 3

black ops can go suck a fat one. bunch of faggots play it. halo ftw!

WickedPixie 0

OP, what did you want him to do? At least he has proposed, that's good for a man, don't ask much :D !

mine proposed the other night. I was so excited, then he told me "it's all about you tonight," and took me to a romantic dinner and movie of my choice. :) It wasn't over the top, but it was sweet and thoughtful. I don't think it's crazy for the OP to expect similar attention on such a special occasion.

nope cod is def wat u want to spend ur time on :D

iSitt 0

he realized his childhood is slipping away. He's grabbing the last threads before reality hits hard.

TheBreaKer_fml 0

I bet you regret your answer now, huh?

OP gets a big YDI. Why did she say yes. I see way too many instances of people focussing on the engagement (like it's a prize) or the wedding. Having a good marriage is the important part.

I'm giving them 1-2 years before a divorced.

call of duty, raising us divorce rate since 2003

I totally agree with you she completely deserves it for saying yes in the first place. he didn't become a gamer just out of the blue I be this has been happening for a while. So OP YDI!!!!! grow a brain.

if it's call of duty black ops then I'm really not surprised :-/

At least everything was perfect... FML?

Yeah I'm not gettin the problem here. How long was he supposed to stay attached to her after the perfect proposal? Exactly what was he "supposed" to do following that?

bobsanction 18

Oh boo ******* hoo. He obviously loves you enough to propose. Quit being a selfish bitch.

yeah, it's so selfish because she wants her man to have some romantic time with her after he proposed, what I'm sure every girl would want. stfu

The_Big_Mac 7

65, I have to throw this out, what's to say that he will not do something a bit more romantic later in the evening and is just passing time to start. There was no need to bash on this fellow for his opinion although it was a bit rudely stated a well. Not that I'm a fan of being politically correct or always polite for that matter, however in this case its a bit much.

If he proposed to her, then completely stopped communication to play video games that's not selfish. Getting engaged is an important thing, and if he wasn't willing to spend anytime talking about it, he shouldn't have proposed in the first place.

CitrusGirl, get over yourself and go back to watching Disney movies.

He needed to let off some steam after that nervous breakdown he nearly had. YDI for obviously pressuring him. How selfish, I hope you're ashamed of yourself!