By Oreo - 10/05/2016 08:58

Today, my dad and stepmom came back from a very expensive two-month trip across the world. When they got home, they had more gifts for their cat than for me. FML
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They didn't have to bring you anything stop being so ungrateful

XxfrenchyyXx 12

I don't see anything wrong with this to be honest.


That's not uncommon, especially if you're an adult... Would you really want your parents to constantly bring home piles of gifts every time they went away? You'd probably have to throw most of them out -.-

Personally, I would love having my parents buying me stuff from every trip, but that's because my parents know me really well and always buy me gifts I love. My dad's even picked out rings and purses and other things and I've always loved each thing he got me. I've never had to throw anything out. With that said, if op is an adult and living on their own, then I can see why they bought the cat more things. They probably think of their cat as their youngest child and the only one left still around. Plus the things they bought the cat were probably cheaper than the types of gifts that op would want at their age.

Cats are human too! On a more serious subject, don't feel down/offended by that. I'm sure they meant no harm.

'Cats are human' lol imagine a cat -human hybrid

hellobobismyname 24

A cat-human hybrid would look like Hermione in Chamber of Secrets after she drank the polyjuice potion. Not pretty.

Sorry, OP. Hope you know that your parents will always love you more. Maybe there was less stuff there to get you on their vacation?

XxfrenchyyXx 12

I don't see anything wrong with this to be honest.

They didn't have to bring you anything stop being so ungrateful

They didnt have to buy anything for the cat either, yet here we are

The point was that it implies that they love the cat more than OP, not that she didn't get enough presents. I'm pretty sure OP wasn't asking for or expecting them in the first place and just thought it would be a funny thing to post. You don't need to attack her.

I love my cat more than I love children, let's be honest, children can be assholes. Cats are assholes but at least they're honest about it.

qwertycode 19

32, to be fair, children are pretty darn blunt about how rude they are as well

They didn't have to bring the cat anything either but they did, and they decided he deserved more than their daughter. Nice

But they didn't have to bring the cat anything either. The child was also once partially inside the cat.

tounces7 27

If you love your cats more than your kids, either your children are horrible people, or you are.

So you still got gifts from around the world, no FML here... Just a greedy kid and a lucky... Probably humble cat!

From what I know of cats, there are no humble cats.

Don't feel bad..if i go anywhere with my dad..his dog gets to sit in the front seat..i sit in the back!!??

orangejubejube 20

I stopped buying souvenirs for others because I realized A) how expensive and heavy it is when you don't want to leave anyone out, and B) that most people love their gifts for two days and then forget about them. Plus, souvenirs are to remind you of a place and the experiences you had - what do you reminisce if you were never there?

But can a cat really appreciate a souvenir either?

orangejubejube 20

I get my cat toys and treats when I go away, I think he appreciates those

A little under appreciation is always a nice reminder that you're loved. What do you expect they're freaking cat owners? They shower a little ball of fur that probably neglects them half the time. It's so unhealthy.