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Today, I helped my grandparents carry luggage to their hotel room, where they're staying the night tonight after my wedding reception. Their room is 203. Mine is 201. Their room shares a wall with my honeymoon suite. My grandparents are going to hear me consummate my marriage. FML
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Wow, that must suck. Maybe you could ask them to move? In a polite way?

Who says it has to be in the hotel room? Go somewhere else.


Wow, that must suck. Maybe you could ask them to move? In a polite way?

I agree, I don't understand why either you or your grandparents can't move...?

I don't understand why the hell they got that room in the FIRST place! Honestly, you should REALLY learn how to think these things through!

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22 I highly doubt this...

**** that, i demand sex on my wedding night, tired or not!

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I didn't have sex my wedding night... we were too tired from the wedding and the concert we went to afterwards. You don't need to have sex on your wedding night... who waits till they're married anyways?

Not true. I had sex on MY wedding night. And the day had been most exhausting. It happened though. It was awesome.

yeah that's what happened when we got married, so tired we just fell asleep. No newlywed sex.

Some people wait until they're married. Don't be insensitive.

People with old-fashioned values wait until they're married. Virgin brides are not extinct.

#1 is right, and no #65 - the room beside them can be empty you know..I mean if the grandparents move to another room

You can't consummate the marriage until you're married, idiot. Anything before that is just plain ol' sex.

76: Well, gee, that's why he said AFTER his reception. ETA: I wish they would nest these comments lower than one level.

Sorry dude, but your the idiot this time. 76 wasn't replying to the OP, she was replying to 22. look closely before you comment

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just change your reservation... if the hotel has at least two floors i'm sure they have another room you can switch to.

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97- *You're an idiot.

It's you're, as in "you're the idiot."

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sucks for you agree with 1

Who says it has to be in the hotel room? Go somewhere else.

You could move somewhere else. OR do it quietly, if possible :)

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It's certainly not like they would be shocked that you should be having sex on your wedding night. Sorry to bring up the image, but they did it too--like 70 years ago....

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Ugh, that's horrible. FYL. and just for those who don't know. Consummate - to complete (the union of a marriage) by the first marital sexual intercourse.

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CherishFlowers, stfu.

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English is not my native language and I wasn't that sure what it meant indeed. You really think everyone here has a native understanding of the language? Wow.

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Honey Moon Suite It should be expected

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I don't think it's the honeymoon suite. I think that when the OP said that she meant the suite she was staying in after her wedding. But a honeymoon suite would NOT be connected to another room. Seriously doubt that. she said MY honeymoon suite. Maybe, it's just a thing to call where you are sleeping that night, honeymoon suite or not(in the hotel), a honeymoon suite. (i'm looking at #46) So yeah i don't think it's to be expected (no offence)

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On my honeymoon night the last thing on my mind would be respecting my neighors. I'm just sayin'....

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Way to jump to conclusions! There were people who didn't understand what meant and she told them. Get over it. :/

i_luv_puppies 1

lots of people above you did dumbass!

Yeah dude, stufo and gtfo. Your opinions clearly aren't wanted

Shut up #10. A lot of people did NOT know the word, and he/she was just trying to help. You don't have to be a bitch about it. Grow up, please.

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Yo chill out #10. Have you read the commentson FML before? That questions probably going to come up a few more times, even with her defining it.

Yo wat dos consumate meen? I joke, I joke.

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