By groom - / Saturday 20 June 2009 23:27 / United States
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  seb12992  |  0

Fuck, why the hell are your grandparents staying in the hotel you're going to be at? Tell those old shits to go somewhere else.

By  koji_fml  |  0

why should that be a bad thing?

  spiffles  |  0

It's certainly not like they would be shocked that you should be having sex on your wedding night. Sorry to bring up the image, but they did it too--like 70 years ago....

By  nxkftw  |  0

Ugh, that's horrible. FYL. and just for those who don't know. Consummate - to complete (the union of a marriage) by the first marital sexual intercourse.


Who asked? Do you just assume that everyone who reads this is stupid? Wow.

  arienh4  |  0

English is not my native language and I wasn't that sure what it meant indeed. You really think everyone here has a native understanding of the language? Wow.

By  nick0011  |  0

Yeah what in the hell does consumate mean are u going to eat her?? well maybe eat her out but lmao jk i know what it means. I bet the grandparents did this on purpose =P

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