By Kevin - 29/12/2011 19:32 - France

Today, a friend told me over MSN that her father had died. Trying to express some solidarity, I went to send her a tearful smiley. I accidentally sent her the dancing pig animation instead. FML
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It may have cheered her up. You never know. P.S., why would you send a "cheerful smiley" to cheer her up?

That's the perfect oink-ment for healing! Okay whatever.. That sucked.


It may have cheered her up. You never know. P.S., why would you send a "cheerful smiley" to cheer her up?

It actually says tearful smiley... :') Still a bit odd...

That's what I meant. Apologies and thank you for the correction.

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I think she just meant a smiley as in all the different emoticons But hey everyone loves a dancing pig

"Whoops, I'm so sorry! I accidentally sent the wrong animation. I meant to send... (Insert tearful smiley here)"

Well don't feel to bad OP a lot of people do not even offer condolences to people because they do not know what to say, plus a dancing pig is a tad amusing, humor can help when people have experienced loss or traumatic events

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Not trying to be rude or anything but... the last time I used MSN was about 2 or 3 years ago. It's all about Facebook now. Who still uses MSN? Lol

#63 you win first prize for missing the point completely

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She probably meant tearful smiley to mean :'( (but that would be a tearful frowney, to be correct.)

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63, lol their father died and you care about whether OP uses FREAKIN MSN WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU

wait, tearful smiley as in :')? u were happy her dad died? I'm confused.

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Smiley as in emoticon :,( like that but in an emoticon

You mean dancing bacon. That ALWAYS cheers people up.

I can't believe you still use MSN that's so cute

i seldom use expressions,but i like the horny smlie face expression

is there a lot of grammers and spelling errors???

OP we all know you send her your true feeling now your just making this FML so she will believe the fact that you were actually sad about it. . . . #deep

....and why is the dancing pig even a smiley?

I hope your first thought wasn't to send an emote but to use words... And tearful smiley? Like :') ? As in crying because you're happy? The pig probably wouldn't be as bad in that case.

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Isn't there a smiley like this :'(? Although I agree, using a smiley to comfort someone is just lazy.

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I think she meant smiley as in emoticon.

Exactly. If a friend told me their dad died I wouldn't respond with a :')

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Depends on what you thought of their dad.

He was using the word smiley as in emoticon, not an actual smiley face.

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if her friend is the kind of person who talks about a death online rather than in person, i really don't think she'll be the type of person to mind if OP even sent a tearful smiley face :')

blackstar994 5

The "smiley" is just a face. It can be mad crying or smiling, it's just called a smiley.

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Lmao I'm sorry I couldn't resist.

Nothing says 'my condolences' like a pig doing the cha cha cha

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Ya but I believe it would have been better to call; shows more sympathy.

Yeah, doesn't stop it being funny though.

9- OP, did you send a telegraph as well?

23 - What? I can't hear you, my morse code machine is too loud.

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34- you can't hear me? my battle horn is usually loud enough for everyone to hear.

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47- No, I couldn't hear it. I thought we agreed on smoke signals..

flockz 19

well next time i'll carve my message into this velociraptor skull so maybe this whole confusion can be avoided.

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I took the snake and wrapped it around the tree so everything in the.....GARDEN OF EDEN.... Could here me.

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Who tells someone their father died over MSN?

Maybe OP's friend is from out of the country and can't call or text because international communication is expensive. Just a thought...

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Ya, I never thought of that when I read 'friend' I instantly thought, like, neighbors.

Graham, it's too hard to take any of your comments seriously while that cat is saying "HAY GUYS". It's too hilarious and distracting.

#8 do you have a problem with emailing? Everybody does it

107- thank you, that is good to know! HAY DER!!

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Why would you send an emoticon instead of words? I wouldn't feel like you put much thought or emotion into what I said if you send a sad face.

do you expect OP to write a 2-page letter to OPs friend?

99- Their dad *died.* At least one word would be nice.

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