By tripleBBB - 09/09/2018 01:30

Today, I was in the shower when I realised that maybe I'm getting a little too fat. I was scrubbing the old belly when a dollar flew out onto the floor. I'm 23. FML
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Rubbing your belly produces money and you're complaining?


Rubbing your belly produces money and you're complaining?

Looks like you might be the reincarnation of Buddha.

eeh never new you were Canadian! haha btw love your comments :)

Yay! Your student loans just decreased by a whole buck! Good for you!

that once happened to me, but it was an entire ham sandwhich.

I’m not sure what your age has to do with anything. As long as your healthy, being chubby or even a bit overweight isn’t bad. If your health starts declining, that’s when it becomes a problem however. Consult with your doctor, try to figure out a diet and exercise plan that works for you. If your health is okay, and you’re happy how you are, or you want to trim away some pounds, just do whatever makes you comfortable. Be the you that you want to be, but remember that you’ve always been beautiful no matter where you end up

Chubby isnt even close to house a dollar in the fat.

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Don't let too many people know or you'll start having people ask to rub your belly on the street.

Your belly was tipping you for doing a good job.

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Thieves never check the fat folds