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Today, after spending the past 4 days asking both my husband and my father-in-law to salt our sidewalk, I slipped on the ice. I hit my head on our concrete stairs. While holding ice on my head, my father-in-law pats my head and says "I'll go get some salt." FML
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Salt it yourself. Would that be so difficult?

Why didn't you salt it for yourself? You think it's more work than constantly bitching about it for four days? YDI.


Salt it yourself. Would that be so difficult?

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Bingo. You want something done, do it yourself.

I'm mister white Christmas. I'm mister snow. I'm mister icicle. I'm mister ten below. Friends call me snow miser. Whatever I touch, Turns to snow in my clutch. I'm too much.

I'm mister green Christmas. I'm mister sun. I'm mister heat blister. I'm mister hundred and one. They call me heat miser Whatever I touch, Starts to melt in my clutch. I'm too much!

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Where the **** are your hands? I assume you lost them in some kind of freak hair straightening accident so here are some alternatives. --Method one-- Step one: Hold bag of salt firmly in teeth. Step two: Shake head like a dog. Step three: Admire handiwork. Step four: Go back to being a useless bitch. --Method two-- Step one: Fly to Japan. Step two: Talk to a Sensei about your problem. Step three: Take years to learn to use your feet like Jackie Chan in that one movie. Step four: Beat that bully in a karate fight. Step five: Wait I mean salt the driveway your own damn self. In all seriousness this is why women are down-trodden historically and why they continue to be paid less. There are plenty of women who can handle themselves and give women a good name. Then there are people like you. People who ruin the bell curve and make men think that women suck. Stop being lame.

Why don't men cook and do the dishes then? In households like this (or it sounds like at least), there is still "mens work" and "womens work". In my house, because my boyfriend just can't seem to do the dishes right and his idea of cooking is ramen, I do those things. Also laundry, because he puts in too much soap, can't fold, and doesn't hang. In return, he does the yard work and any "handy" stuff that needs done around the house. don't get on her case and call her all sorts of names when if it was the man whining about the dishes not being done people here would be saying "get your wife to do it". (for the record, after 4 days of nagging, I would probably punch my BF in the gut, ask him how to do it and then do it myself, and then do something else super spiteful so he hates the next week or so of his life. merry christmas!:)

#93... "if it was the man whining about the dishes not being done people here would be saying "get your wife to do it"." Are you too dumb to realize that people who say things like that are trolls?

#93 I would dump you...not because you punched me, but because you're dumb enough to have to ask how to throw a handful of salt on the ground.

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I understand your point...the fact of it is though, no one is going to get hurt if things aren't cleaned correctly or laundry isn't done wrong. And most likely dinner won't hurt anyone too bad. However, salting the driveway obviously proved to be something that can hurt if not done. I understand her want of her husband or father-in-law to do it, but the fact that she waited 4 days and it didn't happen, she should have taken it on herself...if she had, she wouldn't have fallen. YDI

Why didn't you salt it for yourself? You think it's more work than constantly bitching about it for four days? YDI.

Exactly. You spent 4 days bitching when you could have been out there salting it. Don't even try to pull the "It's a man's job to do that" either. If a guy made a thread saying "My wife didn't make me a sandwich for 4 days. I then made one myself a choked. FML." You would call him sexist. YDI for being a lazy ass.

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She had been asking her husband & her father in law

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Sounds like it could've been avoided had you not been lazy.

Exactly, she can nag others about it for four days but can't just do it herself?!? Give me a break!

You do know this isnt the 1950s anymore right? You're giving women a bad name.

Are you too dumb to throw some salt on the ground, or what? :S

Because salt is way better than ice for your wounds;)

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Should've salted it yourself. Now go make me a sandwich, but there better not be any ice in it.

Your father-in-law's reaction sounds like he thought the same thing about doing it yourself instead of pestering him.