By schooyou101 - 17/11/2012 13:34 - United States - Prairie Village

Today, my crush finally agreed to spend the night with me. I told my parents to act normal for one night. Apparently, "normal" is strutting around naked and acting like a chicken. FML
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Your parents allow random crushes of yours to spend the night at their house? I'm guessing you're an adult living in your parents' house.

saIty 17

Wearing clothes and acting like a normal person is too mainstream.


How awkward would it be if they were serving chicken for dinner at the same time? They would feel like cannibals.

Make a game out of it and crush the competition. :)

DKParth13 5

The awkward moment when your girlfriend joins in first.

Sorry OP but you were asking for that one

That is normal. Chickens strut around naked all day

mvc3ftw 17

Chickens have the decency to strut around in their feathers >.>

saIty 17

Wearing clothes and acting like a normal person is too mainstream.

I call foul play. Too easy? Those chicks like to cluck! That's all I got.

Inheritance 10

I'm wondering if they were white are dark meat. I mean I prefer both but that's just me.

For a poultry sum of money, I'm sure they could have been bribed to act normal.

That comment goes Perfectly with your profile pic #3

The chicken is a noble creature, and I would proudly imitate them. And how would your parents be able to do an accurate impression of a chicken if they were clothed while doing so?

blcksocks 19

Looks like your ex got quite a show. Hope they are into that kind of thing.

blcksocks 19

Damnit .. typed ex instead of crush.. won't be "ex" if they were into that kind of thing. I thumbed myself down. You should too.

Eh honest mistake there I'll thumb up anyway.

ks23 9

It's your parents house they can strut around however they please.

saIty 17

Can you be normal for one day? Normal? Why do you want me to wear pants? Walking around naked is more than enough. I'm going to act like a chicken.

Your picture is so apropos for that comment.

FlamingTacos 7

those are some "fairly odd parents" ha!

@68 You win sir! I remember that episode.

Two fairly sized comments in the top 10, I applaud you sir.

Your parents allow random crushes of yours to spend the night at their house? I'm guessing you're an adult living in your parents' house.

amandajlucas2015 2

Exactly y would u even want a crush to spend the night at ur parents house that's just awkward

Believe it or not but there are some areas where the age of consent are lower than 18 years, and where parents aren't scared of their children having sex at the age 15-16-17!

Anai08 17

8-This is exactly what I thought. I hope you are an adult OP, though the use of the word "crush" makes me doubtful. And even if you are, maybe your parents embarrassed you on purpose to make a point of how it might be disrespectful invite someone over 'to spend the night' when it's still your parents house.

ArielTheMermaid 17

Except OP is from Kansas so I doubt that's the case. Although I'm not from Kansas so what do I know?

X_Codes 11

@16 - That's hardly the point, here. If you're going to have sex with them, the term "crush" is hardly appropriate, anymore. If you had a legitimate crush on them, and your crush was aware of this and had sex with you, then they are essentially using your emotions to take advantage of you and get free sex. OP got what OP deserved, and looking at this post OP is clearly not mature enough to handle any kind of serious relationship yet.

Am I the only one that thought OP meant spend a night together. Like the crush came over for dinner, they watched a movie or something then they went home.

Just because the age of concent is lower don't mean the parents like the fact

If your folks are hot, he might need help choking the chicken. :P

MalloryKnox 8

Sounds like OP's night didn't go eggs-actly as planned. That would've ruffled my feathers for sure!

dreamer9614 3

69- I don't think you understand the term "choking the chicken".....

MalloryKnox 8

Oh no? OK here goes.. Punching the clown, measuring cylical friction, playing the skin flute, rotating the drive head... It'd be pretty sad if I made it to the ripe old age of 29 without being able to recognize a euphimism for masturbation! :)

MikeonFML 17

In fact it's it's a double entendre as "the chicken" could be his idiot parents as well.

You deserve it!! Wtf? Are you and your parents crazy? Letting random crushes spend the night? If you were my kid, I'd have knocked your block off for asking. I don't care how old you are, my house, my rules!!

Obviously they didn't have any rules against this.

Umm. Well it isn't your house. So it's not your rules. And they did let op. So. I guess their rules are a little bit different.

People like you do not deserve to have children...