By livingamongtheflowers - 15/05/2014 05:40 - United States

Today, I received yet another rejection letter from a college I'd applied to. After crying for a week about how lousy I felt, my older sister gave me all 6 of the acceptance letters she'd been hiding. Turns out she's been forging rejection letters and keeping the real ones in her room. FML
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I get the whole sibling rivalry thing, but your sister is a bitch.

When it's that time of the month for her, hide all of the pads and tampons in the house. She's gonna bloody regret messing with you :)


I get the whole sibling rivalry thing, but your sister is a bitch.

CelticSkye 13

The main question in my mind is, "Why?" What the hell was her reason in doing all this? Was it because she hates him and wanted him to feel like the biggest failure in the world? Was she saving them to present all at once as some surprise? Was it a joke? I MUST KNOW!!!

violetsweety 26

I think his sister didn't want him to leave. I'm leaving soon for college also, and my little brother cries about it everyday!

yea. but this is her OLDER sister. one would think she is mature enough to understand the limit. i'm guessing jealousy is a bigger problem here

skyeyez9 24

Your sick, sadistic sister and my ******** abusive brother could be a match made in heaven.

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TheyCallMeDamien 17

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Well, now you can pick the best one, congrats!

I think this is one of the cases where you can "get away with murder"

#1 That's what I was going to say!

Time for sis to loose a tooth or two.

WOW. What the actual ****. I hope you taught her not to be such a ******* asshole, seriously, what a crummy thing to do to someone. Especially your own blood, and the fact that it took her a week to feel guilty enough to come forward just shows that you can't trust her as far as you can kick her. Whatta bitch. At least you got accepted OP!

shyeahh_fml 19

Waiting a week was definitely ridiculous. I'm not sure when this actually occurred, since the deadline to commit to a college is May 1st for most (all?) colleges in the US, but OP could have easily missed that deadline because of his/her sister. That'd be unforgivable.

Mortoli 30

Maybe she didn't want him to leave or maybe she feels inferior lol oh the little box is gonna get annoying.

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cjwayy 22

That's a pretty messed up act of love then.

Yea, but ppl do stupid stuff in the name of love all the time. Its still an fml cuz of the week long crying & rejection but it seems like it already turned out ok.

People who love each other don't hurt each other because of selfish needs. There's something wrong with people who consider that an act of love. This was ugly jealousy, pure and simple.

I was hoping this was sarcasm that didn't translate well

Yeah.. I highly doubt that was the reason

...if this were an epsode of The Brady Bunch or something.

I'm so sorry... your sister is kind of messed up though...

On the bright side at least you got accepted to the colleges!! Bit mean your sister would do that, but hey sibling love is the greatest of them all! haha

Look at the bright side: six different colleges accepted you!

Oh yes it is love!! I remember waking my brother up on a Saturday morning I take a shower at 6 AM to get ready for school. Gotta love your siblings!!

When it's that time of the month for her, hide all of the pads and tampons in the house. She's gonna bloody regret messing with you :)

No she could just buy more, can't buy college letters that impact op's whole future

whow there satan. just calm down a little

#7, they could've printed them......not hard to read the original and forge a rejected copy

not hard to think before typing either @31

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#84, #7 was responding to #5's comment about hiding all of the menstrual things, and that the older sister could buy more instead of suffering. #5 also mentioned how you can't just buy legit college letters just because someone took the original ones without your knowledge. You on the other hand are talking about printing and reading an original and forge a rejected copy which is a little hard to understand, and somewhat irrelevant to what the above comment thread was talking about.

that would not stop her for long. If you hid all the pads and tampons she could buy new ones, ask a friend for some, maybe get them free from some places or use an old rag or just toilet paper. You wrap it round the pants (UK English) and change when needed.. not great but good as a temporary fix.

i don't get why you got thumbed down either really.. and it sounds like the sister did forge the rejection letters


At which point you left a steamer in her pillow case, correct?

"today, I woke up with a pillowcase full of fecal matter and a very severe case of pink eye..."

Wow not cool. I can understand sibling rivalry, but that's taking it a bit far- jealousy is a cold hearted bitch

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