By no more mr nice guy - 27/12/2016 07:32

Today, my friend invited me, his girlfriend, and the girl I like over to his house to hang out. We hoped it would get me closer to my crush. The day ended with them having a threesome and me locked out. FML
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They wouldn't even let you hold the camera? Rude!!!

Isn't that a bitch? That sucks for you tho, bet ur friend had fun ...

Are you sure your friend hoped that it would be you getting closer to your crush?

I felt really bad for you until I read your username. if you think this happened because you're "too nice" and they're all "jerks", then I have no sympathy

Maybe switch to decaf? If some people did that to me I wouldn't be very nice to them either. Doesn't have to be a general statement.

just gonna point out the obvious... his nickname is a reference to a song...

He's not a very good friend. It's nice that he tried to set that up for you but knowing that you liked her should have stopped him from going to bed with her.

Maybe the OP did things that turned the girl off. Keep in mind that the other guy's girlfriend had to be into the three-way to make it happen. Maybe she orchestrated the hole thing!

That's possible, but a good friend still would have backed off until they knew their friend would be okay with it. They're all adults and can do what they want with other consenting adults, but a good friend wouldn't purposely do things that could hurt their friends. If OP liked this girl enough that his friend was setting something up to get the two closer, there's no way he wouldn't know that it would hurt OP if he slept with her.

Not to mention locking op out? Honestly this would make me rethink the "friends" thing.

I'm thinking that things happened during the day where the OP blew it with his crush. There are many ways a guy can turn off a girl (I've done most of them.???) I'm still curious about the girlfriend's role in this.

your puns make me feel bad for laughing but at the same time his girlfriend probably knew he liked her and made that 3some happen you never know

On the bright side: you'll know if you should keep pursuing her when your friend informs you whether or not she's good in bed.

Whether or not someone is good in bed shouldn't be a qualifying trait

Well, now you know your crush is nothing but a ****. And your now ex-friend is a piece of SHIT. You're better off without them. Sucks how you had to find that out. Good luck OP.

You know that OP and his love interest weren't actually together, and therefore she's under no obligation not to have sex with anyone else, right?

So she decides to have sex with his so called friend? Who has a girlfriend already? That makes her a **** in my books. And his "friend" knew OP liked her, and had sex with her. Hence...He's a piece of SHIT!

You're so judgemental that even the Christians would tell you to get the sand out.

18, first of all, adults can have consensual sexual with whomever they choose. That does not make them *****. Second, where does it say the girl knew OP liked her? Even if she knew, what if she wasn't interested in OP? Does that mean she must remain celibate? I will agree, though, it does sound like OP's friend might be an asshole, and perhaps the three of them could have waited until OP left, but we don't know the full story.

He said ops friend not the girl op liked.

Suaria 38

Everyone in the threesome were consenting adults. Ya it sucks that OP's friend had sex with his crush but that does not make the crush a ****. She is an adult, can make her own decisions and has no obligations towards OP.

The only reasonable reason I see to call someone a **** is if they are cheating. That means if THEY are dating someone and cheating means without your partners permission. The crush is not dating anyone that we know of and the threesome was something the couple agreed on.

Also I like how she's a **** when she is not in a relationship and had sex with a couple who agreed but the friend is just an asshole or piece of shit when he was part of the relationship.

18. Firstly, the girl didn't know that OP likes her. Secondly, you say she's a **** because she had sex with a guy who already has a girlfriend- it was a *threesome*. The guy's girlfriend was consenting to this. I can obviously see how OP's friend is in the wrong but OP's crush has done nothing wrong. Calling her a **** is very judgmental.