By lekijkerd / Saturday 17 November 2012 13:56 / Netherlands - Leusden
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  free2speak  |  14

Agree! And the whole appeal of that is people want to "touch" and "feel"the band member so they can go around touting how they were a part of the crowd surf and got to touch XYZ's hand/butt/penis or what not. Nobody can brag about touching some random fat person.


I can't stand crowd surfers, they're so inconsiderate. Nothing irritates me at a gig more than watching the show only for some floating douchebag to hit the back of my head. The only exception being a person who has been injured or has passed out and is being passed over the crowd to security for help. Otherwise it's just plain rude.

  XKXKKXK  |  10

Actually, crowd surfing at rock shows is usually pretty fun. You just have to make sure you're an attractive man/woman and don't mind getting groped.


49- I go to metal shows and where I'm from, as a rule, it's irritating to have crowd members surfing. Especially in the vicinity of mosh pits, not only for the moshers but for the safety of the surfer. Imagine surfing over a pit, landing in the centre because no one's paying attention to what's going on above them, and then getting trampled. It's generally not a good idea. That's just my opinion anyway, I appreciate you hold different views.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

I agree with 51. I love hardcore shows. Though I've never seen crowd surfing in the actual pit haha. I hate crowd surfers with a passion. You get kicked and smacked by them the whole fucking show. I didn't pay to have a handful of some sweaty dudes ass. Though the shows I go to get pretty violent and some people don't lightly carry them, more like throw them as far as you can and laugh when they fall.


I think it depends where you're at. The only time I've ever crowd surfed was at a Christian rock concert in a small town, and everyone one was really friendly about it and really into it. There was a couple bigger guys who were lifting everyone up to start, and everyone was eager to participate, and when you were done you got sent back to your spot and set down gently. It was really a lot of fun, but I agree I would never consider it at a hard core rock show!


I understand that crowd surfing is fun, heck it looks fun, buts it's a bit selfish. You're basically saying "Hey, this band is so good and everybody loves them, I'm going to use this opportunity to crowd surf and steal some attention."

Like people said above, you should generally leave the crowd surfing for the band/artist. People would much rather touch and hold up a celebrity than a random stranger whom they have no affiliation with.

And then people like OP^ up here have the nerve to blame the crowd for not holding him up.

  rahulcool7  |  14

I think crowd surfing is something you should try once. Also when I crowd surf I do it once then I'm done and its not to try to touch the people on stage it's for fun.


97- I've been going to rock shows since the age of 14, I won't stop because I'm "whining". I've seen the most seasoned of rockers complain about surfers. Guys who've been gig-goers since the 60's, 70's, 80's and onwards hate surfers. As another commenter pointed out it is selfish, and widely believed to be. It's mainly irritating little teenage boys or fangirls who surf nowadays anyway. Believe me it is NOT integral. You appear to be doing rock wrong if you feel that way.

  Llamassss  |  21

Several years ago I dressed up as Jesus for the Saints and Sinners festival. I went crowd surfing for my first and only time that night and thought it was a lot of fun. The singer of the band that was on stage at the time pointed at me and said, "Look at this guy!" A couple thousand people looked at me at the same time and it felt pretty awesome.

  conqueror57  |  11

Not all crowdsurfers do it by choice. I only did once but it was because a group of guys picked me up and tossed me. I didn't have a say. But fortunately I had a front clasp bra on bc SO many people tried to undo it!


I hate crowd surfers. And like someone said, it's always the same assholes doing it over and over. I hate that I have to constantly check behind me to make sure no one lands on my head, it's hard to actually enjoy the show. I remember after I went to warped, my neck was so sore from assholes landing on my head.


120- That's a tip I'll remember for my next gig, front clasp bra. Just in case I'm unlucky enough to get dragged into it.
121- I went to London's Warped on the 10th earlier this month, it was epic! Aside from the surfers. Warped is always badass.
So, there you have it OP! Next time, just enjoy the show.

  GNR93  |  14

Like 31 said, it's always the same people crowd surfing and at metal shows it always happens to be the 200lb guy with size 13 boots or some fat girl screaming her head off also wearing boots. Either way I'm getting a boot to the face when I'm actually trying to watch and enjoy the show. I paid money to see a band not to have some sweaty fat ass land on my neck.

  bfsd42  |  20

But that's what crowd surfing is about. You try, fall on your face and get kicked around. Then you try again, and fall on your face. Then, one day, you try, go 6 yards, and fall on your face.

Why does my face Hurt?

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

You'd actually probably injure yourself even more. 300 pounds crashing down usually isn't as bad as 150 pounds falling. Gravity is bitch to them bigger fellas and gals. You sure as fuck shouldn't be crowd surfing if you're 300 pounds though haha.


Yeah you're thinking of mass. Weight is actually supposed to be measured in newtons, as it is actually the sum of someone's mass (in Kg) and the acceleration of gravity (9.81 m/s^2). So weight is actually the amount of force someone puts on the object they're standing on. But honestly, as air resistance has little to no effect on us, we all fall at the same velocity. So technically, you'd be right whether you said weight or mass.

By  ALlamaOnFire  |  20

Last concert I went to, 2 weeks ago, anyone that crow surfed was told off by security, and if they didn't stop they were taken out.
Except for the lead singer. That was fucking awesome!

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Only one, if the crow is doing the surfing. Lots and lots, if the crows make up the waves.
I can see PETA on the rampage on that one.
Much funnier when it's not a typo.

By  Enslaved  |  36

Haha I've seen that happen in movies. Should have known better.

I've done that at a concert once before and never again! It's grounds to have a bunch of strangers feel you up!

  Enslaved  |  36

I'm a concert goer too! I've gone to both Mayhem and Warped tour several times. As a matter of fact, I'm on my way to see "Motionless in White" in concert right now! (:

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