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I know the difference, I just made a simple mistake....

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If you're old enough to be in love then you're old enough to know the difference between "your" and "you're".

She's a grammar nazi. Doesn't mean she doesn't hold feelings for you. You neee to understand that bad grammar can be a turn off for some...


Good thing that she got her senses right, and that she corrected you is positive to show you that you can not do whatever you like :P And I am glad you are not rushing things and use words as "I may love you" But still a minor FYL moment though, since spelling can be hard at times. Or grammar

Your comment was hard to read. You may be a little too worried about grammar and word placement.

What is life, if not a learning experience? Too bad it kills those that both pass and fail.

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Tell that to the plethora of commenters who continually make that same mistake.

Hmm I like that word, it sounds funny. Plethora.

My teachers said plethora has been over used and were supposed to hate it lol.

@2 Best quote ever.

I know the difference, I just made a simple mistake....

I assumed you did know the difference, but incorrect spelling or grammar can irritate some people, myself included, and I have OCD, so give her the benefit of the doubt. And also, I think it would be better if you told her in person, as well as other important and significant things.

Dear Poster #2, while you may recognize and spell the words "you're" and "your" correctly, you lack in grammar. If-then statements require a comma because the "[i]f..." phrase, a surbordinate clause, precedes the independent clause. For example, if water precipitates from the sky tomorrow, then the game will be canceled. Best regards, OaGF OuchandGoodFight

Yeah, but it was a simple mistake and it's really insensitive to just ignore the obviously more important message.

*While *subordinate If you're going to try to teach grammar at least get the capitalization and spellings right. Just my 0 cents

did she's ever say she loves u too??

I showed this to my boyfriend,he is terrified I'm gonna do it to him

Plethora is a wonderful word.

My friend knows the difference, he's just too lazy to type it out :) (his spelling is still not so magnificent though)

Protip: Skim your texts before you send them to avoid mistakes.

You put the period before the closing quotation mark.

She's a grammar nazi. Doesn't mean she doesn't hold feelings for you. You neee to understand that bad grammar can be a turn off for some...

I love how you made a spelling mistake in that..

Grammar and spelling are different things

This so many times. Proper grammar is sexy. And it can just get annoying when people constantly ignore it. I'm not saying that you need to watch every single detail, but in general using grammar is helpful.

Oh, sorry for not being perfect. I was walking to class, wasn't exactly paying attention to my spelling.

It was just a small typo. Shut up and move on with your life, it happens.

Really, correcting what is elementary school knowledge is not being a grammar nazi... Nitpicking in grammar is.

Chill dudes. The E and the D keys are right next to each other. No need to correct an obvious typo

Definitely a turn off for me...

30, if you claim to be a Grammar Nazi, why are there so many errors in your about me? Just curious. :P

It's Ok, He's had 4 concussions in 2 years!

Wath a bitchy soulmate you got

*What Sorry, had to do it.

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Honey badger does it like a badass!

It's a very insensitive comment from your girlfriend, and i hope she reciprocates your feeling in the future. But seriously. I learnt homophones when I was nine. Come on.

Agreed! Also, I'm relieved at the lack of commenters pouncing on "learnt". But just in case, "learned" is American, "learnt" is British. Both are equally correct, although depending on where you're from, one will seem more correct than the other.

She's a keeper.

You need to be grammatically, correct if you want it to be meaningful. Plus, if you really love her, why not tell her in person!???

There are different reasons.. I am talking for myself now: but I always say it over text first because I am almost unable to say it directly the first time because I am socially awkward

Or fear rejection?

I agree with this, if you are going to say something so important via text (which you shouldn't, really), at least have the decency to spell it properly!

She has her priorities straight.

Marry her. Good grammar is underrated.