By GTR - 02/06/2011 01:25 - United Kingdom

Today, I bought a car. After just ten minutes, my hub caps had been stolen. FML
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at least they didn't steal your car…

avoid the ghetto. just...avoid the ghetto.


Use this as an excuse to get shnazzy new rims.

How the hell do you get your hubcaps stolen 10 min after buying a car?!

my car alarm is so sensitive...if my car is locked and someone even hits my tire slightly, it goes off. and it's loud.

oh... cheap car huh? nice. get some rims on that bitch.

:( well then today sucked didn't it. I feel sorry for you.

at least they didn't take the whole thing

Aww, sorry about that buddy :(

at least you had the chance see it for ten minutes and your car is still there.

hub caps are overrated anyway. Now you will be the cool cat with vintage wheels showing.

fyl u suda got alloys

some factory alloys have hub caps too

at least they didn't steal your car…

Oh well least the cars not on cinderblocks

Oh well least the cars not on cinderblocks

Someone has new bling! I hope that wasn't your favorite part of the car.

Lol if hub caps are your favorite part of a car, then you might just be awesome