By Anonymous - 07/10/2011 03:21 - United States

Today, my car got acquainted with about 3 dozen eggs. FML
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Stop inviting eggs over and they will not get acquainted

Make an omelette. They are already scrambled. Whoever threw them already did half the work.


Make an omelette. They are already scrambled. Whoever threw them already did half the work.

Kyuubi1589 1

Halloween's early this year..

Sounds like something a Transformer would eat

I don't know who Heston is Alan, but his last name sounds like something old ass ladies with lung cancer would smoke.

TheBeastiest 6

Who is Heston blumenthal? Someone inform me. Because the whole name sounds like a cigarette brand. A new flavor for the cool kids to smoke call the Heston. Lmao. Or blu- menthal. Haha.

Thanks 17, for repeating exactly what I just said, but phrasing so that your infinitesimally small mind could comprehend the joke that you obviously ripped off from me.

Cook up some crispy bacon and we got ourselves a feed

TheBeastiest 6

You are very welcome but I'm sure I made it sound slightly better.

Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips & Bacon Strips

YourEvilHero 12

I'm on the toilet as I type this due to eggs. just a little heads up

Thanks Alan. I always appreciate furthering my education.

kelsey_katie 17

29, A boy at my school had a shirt that said that.... I got confused:p

Jelly cause your car gets more chicks then you do?

enonymous 8

I hope that Egg and Bacon ice cream is covered in tobasco or tapito

I've seen bacon on cupcakes before. It sounds interesting tasting sweet and salty at the same time. Sounds like a treat for the tongue.

cbdee 8

Mmm, maple/bacon doughnut, TY Voodoo doughnuts!

39 - it's epicmealtime's shirt! Bacon strips & Bacon strips & Bacon strips & Bacon strips &

Huston trys to invent new kinds of foods so you dont eat popcorn at the movies

stacianichole 2

FYI, you're annoying and not as funny as you think. Thumb me down, I don't care.

bitchslapped22 14

I wish we could thumb up the FML teams' comments

kelsey_katie 17

57, Thank you!!! Lol

Stop inviting eggs over and they will not get acquainted

TheBeastiest 6

And you should stop living amongst provolone maybe then your comments won't be so cheesy

Maybe you should quit visiting the janitorial staff and having them shove brooms up your ass.

Haha ur 69. U kno wat it means?right?

Those eggs could have been used to pelt your house as well. What a waste.

Or an old lady could have replaced the eggs she broke when she put potatoes on her eggs. Cruel world...

FYL... Sigh... Hooligans these days.

alejandratx 8

It could of been worse :/

TheBeastiest 6

Yeah. The eggs could have been hardboiled.

Or baseballs could have been thrown instead

Eggs on a car is really bad it eats away at the paint, I'd it's in the winter it will be even worse. A car is usually a large investment I really hate people that have no respect For Others property. Paint jobs aren't Cheap

missL1z 5

Did it cook?

Wash them off quick! Eggs severely eff-up car paint!

frozenshake 5

That makes me oddly hungry... I want scrambled eggs now :L

RockstarRN 10

When life gives you eggs...ah forget it! Sorry op, totally sucks!

kelsey_katie 17

Why are people thumbs-downing this?! It thought it was a great attempt at a joke, but it just failed. Thumbs up for you(:

Because there is a constant stream of annoying comments from this person all the ******* time.

RockstarRN 10


RockstarRN 10

How pathetic is your life that you notice all that I post? Stalker!

63 - the girls have the eggs and the guys have the sperm.

But will it blend?