To make an omelette

By EggyBum - 26/01/2010 01:41 - United States

Today, I was putting groceries into my car, and I put the eggs on the driver's seat while I arranged my other bags. I was frustrated because the dome light was acting up, which drives me crazy. Once I got everything in, I crankily plopped into the car. I had never moved the eggs off my seat. FML
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store bought eggs can't be hatched just FYI

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this was funny because i can see myself doing this. i also think it;s funny that everyone is being so my-shit-dont-stink like they have never had a moment like this before in their life. makes you wonder what they think when a moment like this actually DOES occur .... they probably blame it on someone else. at least we can laugh at our mistakes after accepting them as our own, haha. (:


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I just realized I was first, and it's nowhere near as cool as people make it out to be.

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Actually, being first isn't so bad. Hahahah

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Oooooooh noooooooo!!!! Not the eggs!!!! How will you ever move on in life, know that you smashed the last eggs in the universe!! FYL OP! FYL to the fullest extent

yeah, having your ass and your car seat messed up with eggs is really a joyful experience. it's not because it isn't life threatening that it's not a funny fml.

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store bought eggs can't be hatched just FYI

you deserve that one and the dome light ain't gonna hurt you cool it

sourgirl101 28

I've done that with a bag of potato chips. I'm sure eggs made a bigger mess.

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obviously me, because I'd like to know what I'm downloading to my phone, thank you.

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WTF? ^^ this was a reply to #16, how'd it get up here??

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you sat on eggs..ur life is deffinately over..kill urself now and get it over with already

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"in a short story each visitor shares an anecdote about a terrible event that ruined his or her day." - I got this from the summary of the app in the app store on my phone, so technically FMLs are supposed to be about those little things that ruin your day not those big things that ruin your life.

#10, please shut your egg hole. Are you just some sick **** who thinks it's only an FML if something grotesque and horrific happens and who actually wants to hear that stuff? I mean, would you prefer it said, "...I never moved my newborn from the seat. He's not breathing. FML"??? In summary, stop your bitching.