By eggs - 28/2/2009 06:30 - Canada
Today, while at work at my grocery store I sold a TON of eggs to a bunch of kids. We joked around that they were "going to bake a giant cake." When I got home I found out someone had egged my house. FML
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By  Bloodycrustheart  |  0

could that have been just one big prank: Figure out where one of the cashiers lives and buy eggs from them and egg their house? kids are getting creepily ingenious if thats the case! back in your day im sure you just egged houses randomly like everyone else right? come on, karma man its ok your house still works. they wasted money. and resources! and since karma is law, maybe when they NEED food, it wont be there! think about it. it all evens out.

By  Sagacious  |  0

what did you think KIDS were going to do with the eggs? But at least the store made a bit of money that day which ends up in your salary, so in a way they did pay for it lol