Bye bye love

By stacyyvonne - 07/10/2011 02:53 - United States

Today, I finally found the courage to tell my drug addict husband that I'm leaving him. He sat in his chair, denying using drugs, ever. Right after he said this, he passed out and spilled hot coffee on himself. He then denied spilling the coffee. As I was leaving, he took all of my shoes. FML
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Good job for leaving that scumbag!

It sounds like if you just leave, your husband won't even remember.


Help him... Dont just run away...

Emo_Girl01 0

What if he doesnt want the help...?

Addicts need to want to stop. Otherwise you are banging your head against a wall

It's not running away when you've exhausted every other possibility. Sounds like a shitty situation OP. I hope things get better for you, and maybe with you gone, your husband will see that his addiction has taken everything from him. Accept your shoes. Addiction got those.

Except* Tits McGee, I hate it when I use the wrong spelling of a word!

happymum_fml 10

I'm sure she's tried everything else and sees no other option than to leave now. Don't judge this easily!!! FYL OP.

Obviously he's going to wear them prancing around the house, with nothing on, but oven mits, singing "Be a man" from the exceptionally badass movie Mulan, all while high as fuck on PCP.

marpay 11

He needs those shoes for when he's out being a cross dressing prostitute to support his habit.

enonymous 8

He's going wait outside fashion week expo and sell them from his trunk duh. Besides he can get paid in drugs too

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Addicts need to WANT the help. He is a grown man, so if he doesn't step up and admit he has a problem and needs help, then it's not the OP's responsibility to put her own life on hold for him.

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FUCK THAT! I'm so glad you left his ass.

Congratulations OP, that must have been very hard to do! He didn't deserve you. Drugs are stupid. :P

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You are nuts there are professional people for that...she needed to get the fuck out of there!!!! Good job woman you are strong...and you can buy more shoes look at it as another reason to go shopping!!! :)

#1 from the sounds of it, OP did try to help. Also, from the sounds of it, he doesn't want help. Why stay in a place that doesn't need/want the person that stayed for however long already?

Good job for leaving that scumbag!

Maybe he's not a scumbag and he just needs help? I have a friend that's the nicest kid ever but he got into drugs. It's so bad but I'm just saying their not all scumbags and this may be a call for help. Tough situation

IndiRae 9

What the fuck has happened to FML.

Hmm cause drug addiction leads to the kleptomania of shoes. Be warned children!!

maybe he wanted to get on "HIGH" heels

Druggie: "Hey, want these shoes?" Kid: "I dunno, are they to support a drug addiction?" *GI Joe crashes through the wall* GI Joe: "Remember kids, shoes are an integral part of a druggies life. So just say no!" Kid: "Gee, thanks GI Joe! Now I know!" GI Joe: "And knowing is half the battle! *GI JOE* That was a pain to type on an iPod...

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I'm sure you can do WAY better!!

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I'm sure he could have been more helpful in finding help for her husband.

You can't help someone who denies even taking any drugs. She most likely tried to get help for him and it was not successful

It sounds like if you just leave, your husband won't even remember.

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So very very true! Well said!

No he'll just deny it

kelsey_katie 17

You'll leave, and he won't remember you, and deny that it even happened:p

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I'm sure u did as much u could to help him. good for u. things will get better and just knows there's so much more to life than to have to deal with that. and good luck :)

RockstarRN 10

Drug addicts...will steal anything if they can get drug money out of it. Sounds oddly like my ex. Good for you for leaving!

the only way he can get help is if he admits he has a problem and wants to be helped....

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Ur smokin hot

scruffy_janitor5 1

Maybe he wants to get high on the scent of your feet?

Maybe he wanted to "walk a mile in her shoes"?

Or maybe! He's a cross dresser?

Shoes fetish. He needs to sniff her shoes to relieve his cold turkey period.

Wear his shoes then. You have to leave him for good.

Well done op! :)

Valuable life lesson here kiddies. Doing drugs will eventually turn you into a shoe stealer.

mellylicious 8

I think getting him into rehab might be of better help to him than you just leaving.

What if she has tried that and very other thing she can think of? He might not want the help.

Here's the funny thing about rehab. The addict has to want to go, they have sign themselves in. Unless they commit a crime and is court ordered to go. OP, good luck with your life, and I hope that you leaving is a wake up call for him.