By Eggs - 15/11/2013 05:00 - United States - Port Richey

Today, I fell down in the street when a speeding car chucked a hard-boiled egg at my butt. While I waited for the feeling in my legs to return, they came back and threw more. FML
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I'm not sure what is worse... having a hard boiled egg thrown at you or raw eggs.

Sandman1917 5

I hope you got the plate number. That's assault and inexcusable.


I'm not sure what is worse... having a hard boiled egg thrown at you or raw eggs.

strawberrywine22 30

Personally, I'd rather have to clean up a mess than suffer the pain.

how do you just fall? and if you fell from an not saying you deserved it, but you are a pansy, AND the fact that you stayed, seriously? waited for the feelings in your legs? you feel and a egg hit you...lame! NOW BRING ON THE NEGATIVE THUMBS!!!!

I'm not sure what's worse.. having a hard boiled egg chucked at you, or having a hard boiled egg chucked at you by a speeding car

\ 28

And when you throw something from a moving object, the speed of the object gets added to whatever you're throwing.... Ow.

DKjazz 20

What about a frozen egg? Or maybe a frozen hard-boiled egg?

#15 I think it depends on where you are. I'd rather the raw egg if I was close to home and could go clean up easily, but if I had a long journey ahead or was on my way to something important I'd definitely take the pain.

Even uncooked eggs sting when whipped fast (like say...from a speeding car)

#15 yeah, 'cause then at least you could say that the yolk's on you!

@#42 Just for repeating #1's comment, I would throw both types at you.

strawberrywine22 30

Does it happen to you often...?

Sounds like you're saying this from experience there, gal...

Oh my god, people!! She was being sarcastic obviously!!

being sarcastic while typing can be quite difficult and many are not able to pull it off. there are specific details that must be paid attention to. For instance, the fact that 2 put ":/" makes it seem like it actually does happen to her often, but if she left it out then her comment would have come off as sarcastic. Just putting that out there for the idiots that say something and then say that they were actually being sarcastic when in fact it didn't come off that way.

Oh come on, I'm pretty sure it isn't everyday that people get hard boiled eggs thrown at them. THAT was the indicator (at least for me) that it was sarcasm.

Hahaha.....In China ,We call it "Sofa " if I am the first person to reply or comment it . It means I will stay here and keep watching on other persons's reply ...

China's version of "first" is just as annoying as what is normally used.

Well in the US if your third we call it sloppy congrats.

Hard Boiled Eggs? Life is wasted on some people.

That's when you find a nice rock to break a window.

Do you mean like the poor chickens life being wasted on op? Lol

Dammit, that was supposed to be in response to #4

Sandman1917 5

I hope you got the plate number. That's assault and inexcusable.

They'd probably just escape from a medium security prison and remain at large.

*ineggscusable You had an opportunity and you missed it!

Is it weird that I read #6's "inexcusable" as "ineggscusable" in my read before I saw your comment? My brain saw the opportunity for eggs-cellence and took it.

strawberrywine22 30

Pick them up and throw them back!

Ah, that wonderful feeling of a hard-boiled egg giving you a dead leg...damn that'd have to have killed OP, that sucks

DenBriZel 31

Okay, I've never had hard boiled eggs thrown at me, but I've fallen down a few times in my life. Not once did I lose feeling in my legs after said fall. So there has to be more going on here.

The first thing you said was that you've never had hard boiled eggs thrown at you, so what exactly do you think you're missing?

Missyeru 14

That's what I was thinking, I even have a scar on my knee from falling down, and I didn't loose feeling.

strawberrywine22 30

Hard boiled eggs are effing painful. It's an agony you can't understand until you've been there.

Missyeru 14

Is it worse than a paintball not exploding when I hits you?

The thing you people don't realise is that there is a difference between falling and having a object thrown at you at high speed, the faster the object hits you the harder it will hit, that goes for everything.

It wasn't the fall that made her lose feeling, it was the high speed, hard boiled egg that hit her in the ass. A hard enough hit to areas leading to extremities can cause loss of feeling in said extremities.

The faster the car is, the harder the egg will hit. If the car was speeding by, it would hurt a lot. I've had a friend get hit by an egg thrown from a car and she had a HUGE ass bruise. Do not underestimate eggings.